Sonicware Ambient O

Ambient Ø (zero) is an immersive ambient music generator that uses Sonicware's newly developed Blendwave Modulation Synthesis to immerse musicians in completely new musical dimensions. Sonicware has done extensive research to create wavy and fluctuating tones for Ambient Ø. The result was the development of this new wavetable-based synthesis engine. Blendwave Modulation Synthesis combines 6 unique structures with 32 WAVEs and complex harmonic transitions to create powerful, deep drones, lush pads and transparent pizzicatos - perfect for ambient music.


  • Immersive ambient music generator: The Ambient Ø enables deep immersion in musical dimensions thanks to the new blendwave modulation synthesis.
  • Simple operation: Despite complex sound generation, the synthesiser is user-friendly, with a note hold function and four layers for sound editing.
  • Blendwave Modulation Synthesis: This new wavetable-based synthesis engine combines 6 structures with 32 WAVEs for powerful, deep drones and lush pads.
  • Versatile sound possibilities: 127 harmonic wavetables and 6 structures, including ring modulation and FM modulation, offer numerous sound variations.
  • Noise layer and sampling: Contains 8 natural sounds and allows up to 8 seconds of stereo sampling for unique spatial effects.
  • Extensive effects section: 9 reverb algorithms, tape delay, reverse delay and 4 master effects (overdrive, bit/rate crush, tilt EQ, stereo chorus) offer a wide range of sound processing options.
  • Sequencer per layer: Each layer has a sequencer with up to 64 steps, real-time recording and numerous editing functions.
  • 16 ambient sound pattern library: Pre-prepared sound patterns from experienced sound designers make it easy to get started and work creatively.
  • Portable and flexible: The synthesiser is portable, has an integrated speaker and can be powered by batteries, so it can be used anywhere.
  • Extensive functions: Polyphony, various oscillators and modulation options, MIDI implementation, numerous connections and user-friendly controls round off the package.