Waves StudioVerse

Waves StudioVerse Instruments

Waves Audio, a developer of professional audio signal processing technologies and plugins, has released the new, improved and significantly enhanced version of StudioVerse, the world’s largest online preset library of audio and instrument chains. This major update - part of the new V15 update of the Waves plugin catalog - adds instrument chains to StudioVerse via the new plugin StudioVerse Instruments, empowering users to play, browse and audition thousands of custom-designed instrument presets from the StudioVerse library. Furthermore, the new StudioVerse Audio Effects plugin (a renamed, redesigned and enhanced version of Waves StudioRack), delivers enhanced functionality, with an upgraded UI and improved features - all conveniently integrated within your DAW.

The new plugins:

  1. StudioVerse Instruments: A brand-new virtual instrument plugin rack, where you can play, browse & audition thousands of custom-designed instrument presets from the StudioVerse library. These are complex chains that combine multi-instrument layers, MIDI effects and audio effects. You can even create your own signature instruments, share them across DAWs, and publish them in the StudioVerse library. With StudioVerse Instruments, users can quickly discover an array of captivating sounds, from dreamy lo-fi keys to analog synth basses and energetic EDM synth leads and thousands more. Each virtual instrument preset is crafted as a complex and multi-timbral chain, infused with unique style and character. You can create your own super instrument with both Waves and 3rd-party VST3s, stack VIs in layers or split your keyboard into play zones. And with MIDI plugins (arpeggiator, sequencer, chord generator, more) and macros, the sound design potential is endless.
  2. StudioVerse Audio Effects: Waves has redesigned and enhanced StudioRack, which is now called StudioVerse Audio Effects. With numerous UX enhancements, this plugin helps you discover presets faster and find the sounds you want more efficiently. Additionally, the search engine has been optimized with added tags and suggested presets all within a streamlined plugin window. (StudioVerse Audio Effects is 100% backwards compatible with older StudioRack presets and sessions). This revamped and intuitive plugin rack is devised for hosting audio-processing chains from the extensive and ever-evolving StudioVerse library. It allows you to easily build your own plugin chains with full VST3 support for third-party plugins, and even utilize chains designed by GRAMMY-winning producers and engineers in your mixes. Find Rihanna’s vocal chain, Young Guru’s vox blueprint, vintage Beach Boys vocals – there are thousands of mixing presets for every genre, along with eight assignable macros and the ability to use both parallel and multiband racks.

Notably, the StudioVerse preset library is cloud-based, ensuring it remains dynamic, and consistently refreshed with new content, ALL of which is accessible in your DAW. Both StudioVerse plugins are free to download. Additionally, the StudioVerse online preset library is available to all users, regardless of the number of plugins they own. Waves Creative Access users will get the most out of StudioVerse presets, with full access to the entire catalog of Waves plugins.

Waves StudioVerse's new experience provides the smoothest way to discover presets, audition them within your track, switch ideas on the fly, and fine-tune your sound even further. Your mixes will come together faster than you can imagine.