Baby Audio Humanoid

BabyAudio Humanoid GUI Dark02

Baby Audio is known for their range of award-winning instruments and effects plugins. Continuing their tradition of turning cutting edge academic research into creative tools, the company launches its first foray into vocal effects with Humanoid. Humanoid is an over-the-top pitch corrector designed for instant hard-tuning and radical voice manipulation. With a brand new approach to vocal tuning and phase-vocoding, the plugin transforms singers of any style and ability into their best synthetic selves.

Humanoid’s FFT-powered pitch engine takes the familiar hard-tuning effect into the future with an even more aggressive and synthetic flavor. In combination with its transformative resynthesis features, Humanoid lets users create stunning robotic vocals from any singing performance. Notably, Humanoid is powered entirely by sophisticated DSP and does not use AI in any capacity.

Like classic vocal tuners, Humanoid can instantly remap incoming vocals to a musical scale. It can also be controlled manually, or, played with MIDI like a vocoder. Crucially, Humanoid can tune incoming vocals to any target pitch without artifacts, making it perfect for generating choirs of robotic harmony from simple inputs. As would be expected from Baby Audio, Humanoid comes loaded with creative effects, helpful utilities and carefully curated presets, allowing producers to craft mix-ready synthetic vocals with an all-in-one solution.