Sonuscore UprightPiano engine

Sonuscore, a company creating cinematic instruments, announces the release of the CHROMA - UPRIGHT PIANO Library, an extraordinary virtual instrument meticulously crafted for film composers and music producers. Combining rich history, meticulous restoration, this piano offers an emotionally resonant and versatile soundscape that stands out in any score. The journey of the CHROMA - UPRIGHT PIANO began in a small studio where the Sonuscore team was initially focused on recording a grand piano. However, an unassuming upright piano in the same studio captured their attention. Its distinct sound and emotional depth left a lasting impression, prompting the team to record and share its unique character with the world.

This upright piano is a century-old masterpiece from a small, renowned piano house. Lovingly restored with new strings, felts, and mechanics, it maintains its tune exceptionally well while preserving its authentic, vintage charm. This meticulous restoration, combined with Sonuscore's expertise in coding and sampling, has resulted in a classic piano with modern features.

Key Features of the Sonuscore CHROMA - UPRIGHT PIANO Library:

  • Emotional Depth and Character: The CHROMA - UPRIGHT PIANO exudes a raw, organic quality. The soundboard's resonance adds a layer of emotion, making it perfect for intimate and expressive film scores.
  • Versatility: This upright piano transitions effortlessly from delicate, introspective pieces to dynamic cinematic scores and contemporary genres. Its ability to blend seamlessly into various styles sets it apart, making it an invaluable tool for composers.
  • Authentic Restoration: The upright piano has been meticulously restored by a professional, ensuring that it retains its original charm while offering modern playability. This level of detail in restoration and sampling is unmatched, providing a genuine and immersive playing experience.
  • Meticulous Sampling: To capture the unique character of this upright piano, Sonuscore has sampled 27 dynamic layers. This extensive sampling process ensures an authentic reproduction of the piano’s sound.
  • Ease of Mixing: In a mix, grand pianos can sometimes dominate, requiring extensive EQ adjustments. In contrast, the CHROMA - UPRIGHT PIANO sits naturally in a mix, enhancing the overall sound without overpowering it. Its ability to blend quickly into various mixes makes it an invaluable tool for film composers.

The Sonuscore CHROMA - UPRIGHT PIANO Library isn’t just another virtual instrument; it’s a culmination of passion, serendipity, and meticulous craftsmanship. CHROMA - UPRIGHT PIANO offers film composers and music producers an authentic, versatile, and emotionally rich piano that stands out in a crowded market. It’s also the ideal companion to the CHROMA - GRAND PIANO, offering a distinct sound to enhance your musical productions.

"When we were recording CHROMA - UPRIGHT PIANO, we were seated across from this old upright," said Jonas Hausotter, sound designer in charge of sampling. “We were loving the brilliant sound of the grand, but at the same time, we also fell in love with the intimate vibe of the upright. The resonances from the soundboard after playing a note were just so rich."

Whether you’re creating heartfelt, intimate scores or powerful cinematic compositions, this upright piano will bring unparalleled character and depth to your music. CHROMA - UPRIGHT PIANO is available at a regular price of $/€149.00 and a discounted price of $/€109.00 for the first two weeks after release. Customers can also crossgrade from CHROMA - GRAND PIANO for $/€99.00 or get them as a bundle for $/€239.00 ($/€199.00 during the first two weeks).