Sound Theory Kraftur

SoundTheory Kraftur

Kraftur is the long-awaited second plugin from the award-winning team at Soundtheory that created Gullfoss. Kraftur has been carefully engineered to enrich your mix, allowing you to elevate power and density while preserving the original integrity of its dynamics. Using new, proprietary DSP methods, Kraftur relies on innovative algorithms to avoid artifacts that come with more traditional approaches to soft clipping.

Kraftur can also add clarity, punch or pleasant warmth to almost any audio material. Used on the mix bus, Kraftur helps increase the power of the signal while containing the signal peaks. It can excite the top end to introduce more detail, depth and crispness. On individual mix elements such as vocals, drums or strings Kraftur is very effective for adding frequency-specific saturation while maintaining the quality and dynamics of the original material. You can add extra punch to your drums, add more presence to your vocals and add clarity to your strings. When driven harder, Kraftur can also sculpt your sound by inducing pleasant distortion to create some unique colors, warmth and space. Kraftur makes your audio sound fuller and denser.

As expected from Soundtheory, Kraftur has some unique features:

  • Minimized aliasing and intermodulation distortion due to unique oversampling and DSP algorithms
  • An innovative triangular blend control that allows the user to mix seamlessly between single and multi-band processing
  • Fine tuning of the distortion curve, which allows the sound to be more punchy or more dense
  • A state-of-the-art MATCH mode that dynamically compensates for loudness, so you can hear what Kraftur is adding to your sound without fooling your ears
  • Three frequency bands, with control over their individual distortion curves and their frequency ranges
  • Soundtheory's new VisionTone color rendering pipeline based on human perception

Kraftur will be available from the Soundtheory website given below at a price of $99. Until September 1 there is an introductory price of $69. There is a two week free trial period with full functionality.