Noise Engineering Gamut Repetitor

NoiseEngineering GR Blk

Modular synthesizer company Noise Engineering, known for their unique Eurorack and software instruments and effects, has announced a new generative sequencer: Gamut Repetitor. Noise Engineering has a history of taking classic synthesizer building blocks and putting their own spin on them. This time, they’ve taken the idea of random voltage generation, inspired by the Source of Uncertainty, and completely rethought the concept from the ground up, allowing for a huge amount of control over the results and an immediate and enjoyable patching experience.

Gamut Repetitor features four channels, each with their own trigger and CV outs. A global Reset input can be used to keep looping sequences in phase, and each channel features an advance input. The inputs normal down so the whole module can be run from a single clock, if desired. Triggers can be passed through to their respective outs directly, or randomized trigger sequences can be generated for complete note sequencing.

Gamut Repetitor’s workflow is fast and jamable. The Root parameter chooses a key, and a switch-controlled quantizer selects a set of notes, from exclusively octaves to chromatic, with many scale and chord variations in between. The Spread parameter adjusts how far the generated voltages will deviate from the root note, and the Down/Up parameter adjusts the direction of the deviation. The real fun begins with the Length parameter. At the highest setting, random voltages are continuously generated, but turning the parameter down will loop the previous voltages, creating a sequence between 1 and 32 steps long, depending on the setting.

With its extensive CV inputs and plethora of outputs, Gamut Repetitor can easily be integrated into large generative patches, working seamlessly with other signal generators. However, its clever design and comprehensive interface also allows it to generatively sequence up to four voices with only a clock input. Gamut Repetitor is available in both black and silver, and is available now at the website below and at retailers globally.


  • Generative sequencer with four channels
  • Internal quantizer with 27 selectable scales
  • Continuously generate or loop random voltages
  • Loops can be up to 32 steps long
  • Generate CV and trigger patterns
  • 100% CV-controllable interface
  • Run with a single clock or advance channels separately

Gamut Repetitor is in stock in black and silver. Shipping from Noise Engineering and retailers is starting on June 20th, 2024 with a price of US$370.