Union Audio Lisann & phoebe

UnionAudio phoebe

Following the highly successful launch of its orbit.6 and elara.4 luxury analogue mixers, British audio design firm, Union Audio, introduces two new accessories to its portfolio of elite analogue products. The new phoebe ultra-compact RIAA phono preamp and lisann compact, portable headphone amplifier, redefine audio quality for turntable DJing and Hi-Fi systems, merging the worlds of classic analogue with modern digital.

Phoebe is a compact, portable RIAA moving-magnet preamplifier specifically designed for the professional vinyl DJ or those who are passionate about vinyl replay. It converts the delicate phono signal into a robust line-level with an accuracy to within 0.25dB of the industry standard curve, realising the full dynamic potential of your record collection with an audio performance to rival dedicated HiFi units. Phoebe is compatible with any mixer or amplifier and features a +6dB gain boost button to accommodate low output turntable cartridges or bring life to quieter pressings.

Additionally, it includes a switchable 22 Hz High-Pass filter to prevent acoustic feedback in problem installations or to eliminate low-end rumble. Phoebe also features selectable cartridge loading, enabling users to switch between 47Kohm and 74Kohm load impedance, depending on cartridge requirements and personal preferences. In terms of build, phoebe is both diminutive in size and built to last life on the road with a robust but elegant machined alloy chassis.

UnionAudio Lisann

With built in USB audio playback and record, lisann is suitable for anyone looking for a high-quality compact and portable audio source or headphone monitor, able to manage a wealth of music production tasks on the go, such as audio testing, increasing the output from a phone, or recording a DJ set. It contains a full, high-speed USB audio subsystem with an optical digital input and balanced XLR analogue inputs, and can be used to drive high-impedance headphones when streaming audio from a phone or laptop, or to record analogue signals back to a USB connected device. In addition, lisann can record back to USB from any input source, either digital or analogue.

Powered by internal high-capacity rechargeable NiMh (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries, providing up to 12 hours continuous usage, a powerful, semi-discrete class AB power amplifier drives the dual headphone outputs at levels of up to 750mW RMS into 33 Ohms, or up to +20dBu for high impedance headphones, thanks to 30V internal power rails. Lisann has USB-C connectivity to stream digital audio at speeds of up to 96kHz/24 Bit with clarity and dynamics from its AKM digital converters.

“As specialists in analogue audio, we pride ourselves on providing products for both DJs and audiophiles seeking pristine sound reproduction. Phoebe and lisann’s precise engineering allows for seamless integration into any audio setup, merging analogue and digital, and delivering with clarity, whether you're spinning tracks in a club or listening at home. Small but mighty, the new products provide professional-grade performance and powerful functionality in a compact design,” says Union Audio founder, Andy Rigby-Jones.

Phoebe and lisann are available immediately from their website worldwide, or via Sweetwater in the Americas.