inouï samples “Bowed Guitar”

inuoi samples bowed guitar UI

Bowed Guitar puts at your fingertips a tool developed with composer Clovis SCHNEIDER for musical creation. This collection of 3096 acoustic guitar samples played with a bow offers both conventional and more experimental playing techniques. Harmonics, tremolos, irregular flautando... are all new sensitively played materials at your disposal. Take advantage of the lively and original colors of Bowed Guitar to stand out with your textures, your rhythms and your themes. Bowed Guitar is free for the ALL PRODUCTS BUNDLE 2024 owners.


  • Intro Price: 90€ until July 3rd (Reg. 120€).
  • ALL PRODUCTS BUNDLE 2024 Price: 465€.


  • Musician: Clovis SCHNEIDER
  • 3096 samples
  • 48kHz / 24 bits
  • Recorded in close position with a Sennheiser MKH 800 Twin
  • PrismSound Titan preamplifiers and converters
  • Recorded at Caverne Studio, Paris, France

10 techniques:

  • long
  • harmonics
  • tremolo
  • spiccato
  • staccato
  • irregular flautando
  • swells
  • col legno battuto
  • fx short
  • fx long
  • Up to 7 round robin
  • Up to 4 velocity layers


  • Control of the attack and the release
  • Low cut filter
  • Homemade frequency processing
  • Stereophonic emulation
  • Reverberation

Requires the full version of Kontakt 6.8.0 or Kontakt 7
Size: 1.16Gb