Bogren Digital Trivium Ampknob Bundle

BogrenDigital Trivium

Bogren Digital releases the Trivium Ampknob Bundle. The bundle consists of three guitar amp simulation plugins - Rhythm, Lead, and Bass - that let users add the signature tones of the Grammy-nominated metal band Trivium to their own productions. The three plugins result from a close collaboration between renowned metal producer Jens Bogren and Trivium's axe-wielders Matt Heafy, Corey Beaulieu, and Paolo Gregoletto. The plugin bundle is available immediately at a 3-for-2 pricing - $98 for the bundle or $49 each for the individual plugins. They are sold through authorized dealers or from Bogren Digital's website.

Get Trivium's crushingly powerful and intensely precise sound for your productions. The Trivium Ampknob Bundle includes three amp sim plugins, each covering its own specific ground - rhythm, lead, and bass guitars. The plugins were developed by producer Jens Bogren and his team of digital wizards, in close collaboration with Trivium’s axe-wielders Matt Heafy, Corey Beaulieu, and Paolo Gregoletto. This ensures that the Trivium Ampknob Bundle meets the band’s high standards, delivers precisely the sound the band wants, and that the three plugins work nicely together to create a powerful effect.

As with all Bogren Digital’s Ampknob series plugins, the three Trivium plugins are extremely easy to use and provide a distraction-free path to album-ready sounds. Jens Bogren has poured his 20+ years of experience into crafting sounds that just work, allowing you to focus on the music. The Trivium Ampknob Bundle consists of three different plugins. All three include Bogren Digital’s proprietary IRDX technology for natural speaker dynamics, have the ability to load any speaker cab IR, and come with standalone versions - more on those features below. These are the specifics of the three amps:

This rhythm guitar monster offers a broad range of terrific tones and yet maintains a straightforward interface. The Boost switch goes between three distinctive flavors, from sparkly clean to face-melting high-gain, with crunch tones in the middle. The Gain knob lets you fine-tune the distortion levels within each of the three Boost settings. The amp has been crafted with Matt and Corey’s ultra-precise riffing in mind and provides an extremely tight low end that never muddies up those fast chugs. The clean Boost setting features a tasty reverb, providing depth and support for calmer moments. For further sonic options, the Trivium Ampknob Rhythm comes with two different cabinets, and you can load any of your own IRs into the plugin.

Paolo Gregoletto prefers a bright bass tone that lets string noise and snarl poke through the wall of guitars while still delivering an uncompromisingly solid low-frequency foundation for the songs. The Trivium Bassknob has been designed to deliver just that. Use a bass with bright, clean bass strings and clear pickups, run it through the Trivium Bassknob plugin, and you’ll find yourself nailing Paolo’s signature tone in seconds. Is the amp too clean for you? Kick it into overdrive with the Drive button. Do you want more tonal options? Load any IR you like into the cab section.

Tailored for blistering leads and soaring melody parts, the Trivium Ampknob Lead delivers a tonal character that makes your guitar solos sit right on top of the rhythm guitars. But the Trivium Ampknob Lead is much more than just an amplifier model. It also includes a chorus/doubler effect we call Chorey, and a delay - essential stereo effects for great Trivium lead tones.

All three Trivium plugins share the following features: The cabinet section is powered by Bogren Digital’s IRDX technology, which adds a true-to-life dynamic response to the included speaker models. In fact, IRDX affects any cabinet IR you load into the plugins, so they will have a more vivid and dynamic response compared to using them in your standard IR loader.

In addition to the plugins, intended for use within your favorite DAW host, you get standalone versions of the amps. This allows you to get started as quickly as possible when you just want to play or practice without having to launch your DAW. The standalone versions include a metronome and a very handy riff recorder - so when your noodling results in a killer riff, you can easily capture it right away without opening a DAW and setting up tracks. When you’re done, just drag the sound file into your DAW later to add other instruments, etc. The riff recorder is also great for practicing with the metronome. Both the plugin and standalone versions include a tuner and a noise gate.