Violectric & Mogami at HIGH END 2024

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Lake People presents the Violectric product portfolio from 9th to 12th May 2024 at HIGH END, booth C02 in hall 1 of the MOC Munich, Germany. The booth will also feature the high-quality cables from Mogami. At HIGH END 2024, Lake People will focus mainly on Violectric and Mogami. The high-quality headphone amplifiers, converters, and phono preamps from Violectric are highly regarded among audiophiles and can be tried at the Lake People booth. Since every amplifier can only sound as good as the signal it receives, Lake People trusts in Mogami cables – the precious wires from Japan are assembled by Lake People in Germany for the entire European market.

Violectric will present its entire catalogue at HIGH END 2024. The V2xx series of headphone amplifiers is the introductory range from Violectric: the HPA V202 provides two switchable inputs as well as headphone connectors for 6.3 mm jacks and Pentaconn. The HPA V222 powers balanced headphones via 4-pin XLR or Pentaconn, and the DHA V226 features high-resolution PCM and DSD D/A conversion. With its high-quality electronics and clever circuitry, the V2xx models almost catch up with their bigger siblings. Even more exacting demands are met with the products of series V3xx and V5xx, reaching from sophisticated headphone amp HPA V340 all the way up to deluxe listening central DHA V590-2 PRO, covering all sorts of applications and environments between them. Something really special is the PPA V790: a high-end phono preamp for up to six systems simultaneously. Visitors of HIGH END are cordially invited to compare the devices themselves.

A high-quality signal chain necessarily needs high-quality signal transmission. Mogami makes sure that the audio remains pristine on its way through the wires. The Japanese manufacturer uses premium materials and processes them with the diligence and accuracy the country is renowned for. For the European market, Mogami chose a partner that shares these ideals: for years, Lake People has been assembling the Mogami products for Europe. Lake People even offers the option to have cables specifically manufactured for special applications, from particular connector configurations to custom prints on the cables.

In addition to Violectric and Mogami products, Lake People will also feature the brands Niimbus and Lake People at HIGH END 2024. The Lake People brand is the origin of it all and comes from the professional audio field – the exquisite electronics and sophisticated circuits are characteristic for Lake People as well. Niimbus is the no-compromise high-end continuation of Lake People, achieving absolute perfection, no matter the expense in circuitry or electronic parts.

Lake People showcases the brands Violectric, Mogami, Niimbus and Lake People at HIGH END 2024 from 9th to 12th May 2024 at booth C02 in hall 1 of the MOC Munich. All visitors of the show are cordially invited to experience the high-quality electronics made in Germany for themselves.