IsoAcoustics at HIGH END 2024

IsoAcoustics HighEnd2024

IsoAcoustics will present its innovative decoupling solutions at HIGH END 2024 from 9th to 12th May in room A4.2 F210 at the MOC in Munich, Germany. At HIGH END, visitors will be able to appreciate the effectiveness of IsoAcoustics solutions by listening to A/B comparisons in the atrium room. The demonstrations will feature two sets of Marten Parker Trio Diamond speakers, one of which will be placed on normal spikes, while the other will be decoupled from the ground with IsoAcoustics technology. Marten and IsoAcoustics worked together to develop a solution tailor-made for the Marten speakers – and visitors get to hear why the renowned manufacturer chose IsoAcoustics to complement its speakers. The acoustic impact is immense and upgrades the listening experience considerably.

Apart from Marten, IsoAcoustics has worked with a number of prestigious brands, some of which will be displayed at the IsoAcoustics booth. Highlights include the Perlisten S7t limited-edition speakers, PSB Synchrony T800, Marten Mingus Septet and Gershman Acoustics Grand Avant Garde. Sonus faber has fully integrated the GAIA technology from IsoAcoustics in its Suprema high-end speaker, isolating the speaker cabinet from the base plate in both the main tower and the subwoofer. The base plate of the Suprema will be on display to showcase the integration. These collaborations indicate how speaker manufacturers value the increase in audio quality achieved through IsoAcoustics technology.

The difference between speakers with or without IsoAcoustics decoupling is astonishing – so much so that some people assume magic at its source. It is all solid, innovative engineering, though: the isolators mitigate vibrations transferred from the speaker to its supporting surface, thus reducing resonances in the room and clearing up the sound image. They also avoid resonances reflecting back into the cabinet, so they cannot interfere with the speakers themselves. The effect is a notably more transparent, clean sound with more defined stereo imaging and depth – a total upgrade for the speaker system.

Visitors of HIGH END 2024 from 9th to 12th May 2024 at the MOC in Munich, Germany, can find IsoAcoustics on the second floor of the atrium in hall 4 (A4.2) in room F210 to experience the effect of IsoAcoustics technology first hand.