Tone2 Audio Icarus3

Tone2 Icarus3 small

Icarus is an epic synthesizer and a must-have for producers and sound designers. This award-winning workstation is one of the most versatile and powerful synthesizers ever created. Icarus offers a huge sonic range and is capable of producing all the classic synthesizer sounds as well as a wide range of fresh sounds not possible with other products. The audio engine offers many exciting features like 62 (!) different synthesis methods, a drum sequencer, a vocoder, 65 (!) filter types, a glitch sequencer, a wavetable editor, an extremely powerful oscillator section, MSEGs, ... A reliable re-synthesis can recreate any sound with a single mouse click. Yet the synth remains very easy to use. A comfortable interface gives you instant visual feedback, immediate acoustic results and context-sensitive help. The synthesizer delivers true high-end sound quality with low CPU usage. It ships with over 2000 inspiring, production-ready sounds from professional designers.