Imaginando & Perplex On 'Textural Memories'

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Imaginando announces the release of "Textural Memories," a new preset pack for the popular VS - Visual Synthesizer plugin. This update, version 1.5.0, is now available for download on the Imaginando website and the App Store. VS redefines the boundaries between audio and visual realms, offering an unparalleled platform for creative expression. It breathes life into your musical creations with visually stunning elements that dynamically react to your music's output. Ideal for setting the mood at live shows or enhancing the creative atmosphere of studio and jam sessions, VS’s multi-layered shader system allows you to craft intricate visual compositions.

By blending dynamic graphical elements with powerful controls, users can trigger, change, and modulate parameters through both audio and MIDI sources, infusing movement into each layer's "polyphonic visual voices." From ambient geometric loops to rhythmically pulsating patterns, VS’s extensive modulation options ensure that you are always in control. This capability perfectly complements the energy and emotion of your music with responsive and immersive visuals, elevating the creative experience to new heights.

VS Features:

  • 8 Polyphonic Visual Layers: For complex visuals.
  • 4 Voices/Layer: Adds depth.
  • 50 Built-In Materials: Wide creative range.
  • 1 Background Layer: For color, image, or video.
  • 4 LFOs: Dynamic visual modulation.
  • 2 EGs: Precise dynamics control.
  • 4 Dual-Mode Audio Modulators: Peak and band.
  • Video Recording: Capture and share visuals.
  • Syphon/Spout Output: For Mac and Windows integration.
  • NDI Output: Stream and produce easily.

“We are proud to introduce 'Textural Memories' to our VS community," says CEO Nuno Santos. "This update not only enhances the VS experience with its unique presets and materials but also reflects our ongoing commitment to bridging the gap between music and visual art. Our journey at Imaginando has always been about pushing boundaries and empowering artists, and with VS 1.5.0, we continue to uphold these values.”

Crafted by German new media artist Perplex On, "Textural Memories" features an extensive collection of 31 materials and 84 presets designed to enrich music visuals with captivating, texture-driven aesthetics. Perplex On has garnered attention for his captivating performances on YouTube, where he skillfully blends the sounds of pocket operators, unique synthesizers, and other unconventional sound sources to create immersive audio-visual experiences. His passion for exploring the synergy between sound and visuals aligns seamlessly with the ethos of VS - Visual Synthesizer, making him the perfect partner for this project.

This meticulously curated pack promises to transform music production and performance visuals into immersive, reactive experiences. "Textural Memories" is designed for music producers, live performers, and visual artists looking to elevate their visual storytelling. Available for €9.99, it opens up new horizons in music visualization. To celebrate the release of "Textural Memories," Imaginando is offering a 50% discount on the VS - Visual Synthesizer until March 31, 2024. For a limited time, you can unlock the full potential of this powerful music visualization software for €49.50. VS is available on Windows, Mac, and iOS platforms, both in standalone and plugin versions. For more information about VS and to download the plugin, visit the Imaginando website.