RME TotalMix FX Room Correction

RME RoomCorrection

RME presents: 9-band PEQ, Delay, Volume Calibration and Crossfeed - four very useful features for speaker surround setup and optimized headphone usage. Now available for their flagship interfaces Fireface UFX+, UFX II, UFX III and UCX II in TotalMix 1.93 for Mac and Windows. A firmware update provides these three interfaces with an optimized handling of the existing 3-band PEQ in TotalMix FX. Under the hood a 9-band PEQ is built from three 3-band PEQs, usable on any output channel. Obviously DSP power is limited, so any activated Room EQ reduces the available total number of 3-band PEQs by that amount. That should be no issue though, there are plenty available. The maximum number of Room EQs is 20, so up to 20 mono output channels or 10 stereo output channels or any combination of these. That's more than needed for a 16 channel surround setup.

Additionally, the Room EQ window includes Delay, which is adjustable from 0 ms up to 42 m in steps of 0.01 ms. Up to 20 of these delays can be activated, matching the number of 9-band PEQs. The Room EQ window also offers Volume Calibration through level adjustment from +3 dB down to -24 dB. This helps to set up all speakers in a usable way, without having to fiddle with the respective output channel's fader. The Room EQ button in any output channel's Settings panel is lit when any of the functions in the Room EQ window are activated. For Delay that means not 0 ms, for VolCal not 0 dB. On stereo channels the Room EQ window also includes channel selectors L, R, and both (Link symbol), to set the EQ curves as desired, individually or simultaneously.

The 3-band PEQ and 9-band Room EQ can be used at the same time, forming a 12-channel PEQ. Yet they are treated differently: The Room EQ is regarded as fixed speaker output setting, therefore not saved in Snapshots, but Workspaces. Also both PEQs have a Preset selector, but use individual files. The Presets in the Room EQ window include Delay and VolCal settings. The Room EQ and Crossfeed are placed directly behind the 3-band PEQ, so they can be recorded via Loopback.

Finally, for headphone mixing and audiophilia, we also added the ADI-2 series' Crossfeed function. As known from these devices Crossfeed can be selected in 5 'strenghts', on a maximum of 3 stereo outputs. Crossfeed emulates speaker behaviour in terms of reduced channel separation, so the extreme wide ambiance often experienced with headphones is reduced a bit.

A new version of TotalMix FX Remote, v1.40 now supports Room EQ and Crossfeed, also available from their download page and iPad iOS App Store. More information