The team at JUCE announces the key features of JUCE 8, a leap forward in audio application and plug-in development. This release will introduce long-anticipated features, including the ability to design and deploy GUIs with embedded web views, a faster Direct2D-based renderer, a new animation framework, enhanced Unicode support, and more.

"JUCE 8 is a significant step forward,” states Tom Poole, Director of JUCE. “The improvements to UI design workflows, rendering performance, and text handling have been among our most requested features, and JUCE 8 will deliver on all fronts. Whether you're updating an existing project or creating something new, JUCE 8 will take your software to the next level."

JUCE 8 Highlights will include:

  • Webview GUIs: JUCE 8 will introduce the ability to design and deploy GUIs using native embedded web views on each platform. This empowers designers to iterate on GUIs in real time, leveraging industry-standard workflows and the latest web technologies.
  • Direct2D Renderer: A new Direct2D-based renderer on Windows will provide a faster, GPU-accelerated rendering backend. Existing software will benefit from improved GUI drawing performance without requiring source code changes.
  • Animation Framework: JUCE 8 will introduce a new animation framework with hardware-synced standard easings, ensuring smooth transitions between screen refreshes on all platforms, and eliminating overdrawing and dropped frames.
  • Unicode Support: Now supporting complex, rich text rendering in any font, orientation, alignment, and language, including emojis, ligatures, bi-directional text, and fallback fonts.
  • JS Interpreter: A faster JS Interpreter with support for modern JS features enhances scripting capabilities within JUCE.

JUCE invites you to join their active community of audio developers on the JUCE Forum and influence the future direction of JUCE. A preview of JUCE 8 will soon be available in the public repository.