Arturia Pigments 5

Arturia Pigments5 small

Pigments 5 is a softsynth VST with the power to create any sound, from the best mix-ready modern presets to deep custom sound design. Explore every shade of synthesis and make your wildest sonic fantasy a full-color reality, whatever your style. Pigments 5 will be available for free to all existing Pigments users.

What's new on this version:

  • New Sequencer features such as Sequence Lock, Sequence Saving and a new Randomization paradigm
  • Audio input for routing audio from the DAW's Sidechain input, accessible via Utility Engine Noise 2
  • New Initial Phase Position control in the Wavetable Engine
  • Various GUI enhancements
  • Refined visualizer of the Play View
  • Numerous new Wavetables and Samples
  • 3 additional Preset banks (activate the MPE mode so you can fully experience the Expressive Exploration sound-bank)

Discover a huge selection of new factory presets (150 added), wavetables and samples in Pigments 5 comprising more than 1500 sounds. 3 new preset expansions bank will also be available in the Pigments sound store (each bank includes 150 presets MPE designed for more expressivity). Pigments now utilizes multi-core processing for greater CPU efficiency, allowing more users to explore this powerful softsynth with ease.

Explore the much-requested sequencer developments from one-click sequence generation and new play modes to saveable presets and sequence browsing. Make use of the sequencer lock to apply your sequence settings to any sound.

You can now process external audio in Pigments from the Utility engine, by routing the sound to the instrument through the track sidechain input. Pigment’s refreshed interface includes an improved play view, with new waveform visualisers and other enhancements. You can now choose whether the AUX FX send is routed pre or post the insert effects, letting you send the processed audio into your spatial effects. Expressive Exploration expansion pack was designed for MPE (Even if it works also without, it’s not the same experience).

Arturia Pigments5 Activate MPE

Known Issue:

  • Most of features are working fine, but, as this version is still in development, an issue remains on the Sequencer that will be fixed very soon.
  • To keep it simple, the Sequence Browser does not recall correctly the Pitch of the Sequence. It means that loading a Sequence from the Sequence Browser doesn't ensure you've loaded the right pitch pattern. So, you need to let bloggers know about this so that they don't come across this bug in their video.


  • Although very advanced, these banks are still being finalized, and therefore do not include all presets.
  • In addition, there may still be some minor issues with certain presets, such as typos or macros that are too subtle, or volumes that need to be slightly revised, but nothing to worry about.