Slate Digital MetaPitch

SlateDigital MetaPitch

Slate Digital announces MetaPitch, a powerful new pitch shifting plugin that’s versatile, efficient and extremely easy to use. Tailored for monophonic sound sources like voices or individual instruments, MetaPitch delivers essential controls for pitch, formant, and vocal manipulation within a single intuitive interface that will make it a fixture in your workflow from the first time you use it.

In addition to powerful, independent pitch and formant shifting, MetaPitch includes a unique collection of features not commonly found in other plugins of its kind. Built-in filters and onboard stereo width and saturation controls are seamlessly integrated with a Mix knob for nuanced audio shaping, while the specialized "Robot" mode adds a Vocoder-type touch to the source signal. There’s also a Low Latency mode that ensures accurate, real-time response during live tracking and monitoring, and the convenient Grouped Instances feature enables you to affect multiple instances of the plugin with a single adjustment.

"MetaPitch is another exciting addition to our plugin lineup that further complements the All Access Pass as the premiere, one-stop shop for professional audio production tools,” said Slate Digital CEO John Bastianelli. “This plugin is another example of our commitment to consistently delivering the tools our customers are asking for as well as creating cutting edge products that satisfy a wide variety of musical styles and workflows.”

MetaPitch is available now for All Access Pass and Complete Access subscribers. It’s also available as a stand-alone plugin with a perpetual license for $199. The Slate Digital All Access Pass features dozens of professional audio plugins and third-party offerings from Kilohearts and Sonic Academy like Multipass and the ANA 2 Ultra Bundle. It also includes access to the VIRTU web-based assisted mastering platform, hours of video masterclasses via Slate Academy, pro mix templates for all major DAWs, and over 20 GB of unique, royalty-free samples.