Solid State Logic 4K E

SSL 4K E GUI small

Solid State Logic announces its latest plug-in, the 4K E Channel Strip - the definitive software emulation of the 4000E console. The new plug-in, which emulates one of the company's most iconic analogue consoles is available now in several formats including VST2, VST3, AAX Native and AU as part of the SSL Complete subscription, and until November 28th as part of the ‘Complete Access’ bundle that also includes the Slate Digital ‘All Access Pass’, all for only $14.99 (Ts&Cs apply). 4K E Channel Strip Plug-in is also available via SSL’s Rent To Own plan, and perpetual purchase via the SSL eStore.

Released in 1979, the 4000E console played a pivotal role in reshaping the way music was made, it dominated the studio landscape through the ‘80s & ’90s and became the sonic signature of the era's most iconic albums and tracks. Its big, punchy sound, advanced processing tools and ground-breaking flexibility meant it quickly became the tool of choice for the world's top producers, engineers, and studios. The 4000E console has become a rare sight in studios of today. As this analogue icon enters the record production history books, Solid State Logic has expertly modelled the console's legendary sonic character and workflow, capturing its legacy in plug-in form. This digital incarnation immortalises the 4000E in your DAW, with a level of precision and accuracy that only the original manufacturer of the '4K' console can deliver.

The 4KE Plug-in lives up to the legend of the 4000E and imparts all the vibe and rich non-linear analogue character of the original console. 4K E Plug-in is a precise emulation, with modelling down to a component level, including the revered E Series EQ in all its flavours (Black, Brown, Orange), and hyper-realistic emulation of the Jensen T-115K-E transformer found on early 4000E mic pres. The dbx 202 ‘gold can’ fader VCA is also painstakingly modelled, offering multiple layers of harmonic saturation found throughout the circuit design.

As with Channel Strip 2 and 4K B, 4K E Plug-in boasts first-class integration with SSL’s UC1 controller, offering knob-per-function control of the plug-in in an intuitive, channel strip style layout. In addition to this, SSL 360’s ‘Plug-in Mixer’, available free from the SSL website, provides users with a single place to view and control all 360-enabled plug-in’s, essentially allowing users to build their own ‘virtual’ E Series console, or combine 4K B with Channel Strip 2 and 4K E for a ‘custom’ virtual SSL console.

Key Features:

  • ‘4K E’ sound immortalised in your DAW by Solid State Logic – the original manufacturer of the SL 4000E console.
  • Immediately available as part of the SSL Complete subscription, and until November 28th as part of the ‘Complete Access’ bundle that also includes the Slate Digital
  • 4K E Plug-in is also available on perpetual purchase and Rent To Own via the SSL eStore.
  • First-class integration with UC1/UF8/UC1 via SSL 360° and the Plug-in Mixer.
  • Meticulously modelled on the original console down to component level.
  • Includes Brown, Black and the rare ‘passive’ Orange EQ flavours.
  • Revision 4 Dynamics – classic Soft-knee and logarithmic release circuit.
  • Saturate with the Jensen T-115K-E transformer mic pre and dbx 202 ‘gold can’ VCA fader.
  • Compressor Mix control.
  • Advanced settings: Compressor make-up gain configuration and VCA modelling on/off.
  • Scalable GUI.
  • Apple Silicon native support.