Orchestral Tools Konduit

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Sample library designers Orchestral Tools have announced Konduit, the latest entry in their forward-thinking FABRIK series of instrument collections. Created in collaboration with Belgian techno producer and live performer Peter Van Hoesen, Konduit channels the energy and texture of electricity itself with a library of immediately inspiring dual-layer sound design patches that pulse, hum, surge, and spark for a variety of musical moods and flavors – ideal for film, tv, and video game scoring as well as adding an electrifying texture to any musical project. Konduit is available now for an intro price of €49 (€89 regular pricing) until November 23, 2023.

In each entry of its FABRIK series, Orchestral Tools has taken the opportunity to explore new avenues of avant-garde sound design techniques and molded them into intuitive, playable instrumentation for the modern composer. True to its name, Konduit is inspired by the ever-evolving relationship between electricity and music and puts the sounds and feel of electric and electronic instrumentation into composers’ hands. The sensibility of the sounds, which range from quiet and contemplative to distorted and aggressive, were developed alongside Van Hoesen and were influenced by his mastery of both analog and digital synthesis.

The collection consists of 40 dual-layer sound design patches divided into three categories suitable for different ‘personalities’: Surge, which evokes the aggressive and distorted; Charge which is dark and foreboding; and Spark which crackles with glitchy harmonics and random energy. The first layer in each patch is a synthesizer layer manipulated with analog hardware processors by Van Hoesen. The second layer consists of electric guitar sounds refined through a modular effects rack. Combined, and with seamless control between them via the mod wheel, these sounds offer a nearly limitless sonic landscape of electricity both subtle and overt that crackles with life and evolves over time – ensuring fresh, exciting sonic possibilities each time.

“Music has been forever changed by the influence of electricity – from how it redefined the sounds of classic acoustic instruments to how it enabled us to create brand new sounds that had never been heard before,” said Orchestral Tools CEO Hendrik Schwarzer. “The magic of Konduit is exploring the concept literally and allowing us to add sounds to music composition that evoke the personality and feeling of electricity so overtly. It was an honor to collaborate with Peter Van Hoesen on this project and we’re thrilled to hear how these sounds inspire composers around the world.”