Air Music Jura Chorus

AIR Music Tech Jura

Following the overwhelming success of the Air Jura synthesiser, AIR Music Technology introduces its latest audio plugin, Jura Chorus, the chorus effect from the classic hardware synth. Famed for its iconic stereo chorus effect, the Jura Chorus plugin is designed to bring a touch of vintage magic to modern mixes. Jura Chorus is a tribute to the original hardware synth’s legendary chorus effect, praised for its ability to add warmth, width, and that unmistakable ‘80s aura. This classic vibe can now be added to a diverse range of instruments including synths, guitars, bass, and vocals, thanks to its compatibility with both DAWs and AKAI hardware. Jura Chorus is not just a powerhouse of sonic possibilities; it’s also incredibly budget-friendly. Now producers, both amateur and professional, can elevate their mixes without straining their finances.

The plugin features two unique chorus types: Chorus I and Chorus II, along with the option to use both simultaneously for an unparalleled aural experience. Users can also fine-tune the blend of the effect with a dedicated mix control. To further enhance its authenticity, Air Music has even included a switch to add modelled noise from the original hardware unit:

  • Chorus I: Provides a subtle lift to your sound, adding a layer that’s almost subliminal yet impactful.
  • Chorus II: Increases the depth and width of your audio, delivering that quintessential chorus magic.
  • Both at Once: Amplify your mix with both chorus effects for an ultra-rich and dimensional sound.

For music producers on the hunt for expansive pads, atmospheric soundscapes, melodious guitars, or beefy bass tones, the Jura Chorus plugin is a must-have addition to the studio toolkit.


  • macOS: AU, VST, VST3, AAX
  • Windows: VST, VST3, AAX
  • MPC standalone and desktop systems running version 2.12.2 (or later)

AIR Jura Chorus is $29.99, and has an introductory promo price of $14.99 until the 30th of November 2023. A 10 day demo can be downloaded from the website below.