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Mixed In Key announces the release of Human, a new plugin aimed at enhancing the authenticity of digital music tracks, bridging the gap between electronic production and live band dynamics. The Challenge: In the modern digital music landscape, tracks often sound too artificial or static. While producers have tried to add realism using samples of real instruments, the result often lacks the natural swing or groove of live music. The Solution: Enter Human Plugins by Mixed In Key. Drawing from groundbreaking research at the Max Planck Institute and Harvard University, Human Plugins introduces a patented method to bring a human touch to electronic rhythms. This is not adding swing; it's about making your tracks sound as if they were played by live musicians in a band setting.

Features and Benefits:

  • Live Musician Feel Achieve the feel of live musicians playing together, even on electronically produced tracks. Get the ebb and flow that only occurs when musicians are listening and following each other.
  • Versatility: Works seamlessly with all major DAWs and can be applied to both Audio and MIDI channels.
  • Easy to use: With a simple interface, musicians can add humanization to multiple channels, making every track feel like a part of a live band.

Human Plugins, includes both audio and MIDI FX plugins that seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow. They bring a natural, live band feel across all of your tracks. Giving your music the vibe and feel of live musicians. Add Human to all your tracks to achieve that live band feel. Adjusting one plugin adjusts them all.

The magic is in how different instruments push and pull on one other over time, just like pro musicians listening to each other as they play. Bassists will follow drummers, so set the instrument correctly. Rotate the central knob to adjust the human touch across all tracks. Each turn refines the organic feel, adding that human vibe your quantized tracks have been missing. Beyond just adjusting timing, Human Plugins captures the essence of live musicians interacting and playing off one another. Whether you're aiming for a tight, professional sound or a loose, garage band vibe, Human Plugins delivers.

James Holden, renowned electronic musician, says, “The ability to integrate synthetic and human sound sources has unlocked a new aesthetic in electronic/acoustic music.” Yakov Vorobyev, President and Founder of Mixed In Key LLC, adds, “Human Plugins revolutionizes the humanization of electronic rhythms. It's user-friendly, compatible with all major DAWs, and can be applied across multiple channels. The potential is vast; imagine a future where humanizing music is as standard as using an EQ plugin. While the technology behind it is intricate, the results speak for themselves, making music sound more authentic and alive.”

Human Plug-ins works with all major DAWs: Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Studio One, Pro Tools, Cubase and more... The price for is $49.