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Sample library designers Orchestral Tools have announced Sångara by Richard Harvey - a curated collection of over 70 playable Southeast Asian instruments drawn from the region’s rich musical landscape. Many of the included instruments are appearing in a sample library for the very first time. Sångara is OT’s latest collaboration with the celebrated composer and multi-instrumentalist Richard Harvey, and provides a dazzling array of new sonic colors and timbres ideal for cinematic scoring. Sångara is available now at an introductory price of €249 (regular price €399) until November 8th.

Sångara brings together a rich array of percussion, wind, and stringed instruments hand-picked by Harvey. The instrument selection represents musical traditions from across the geographic region of Southeast Asia. Most of the recordings took place at Karma Studios in Thailand, overseen by Harvey personally and performed by an expert group of local musicians renowned for their skill and experience with the instruments. Players included Elaine So (drums and tuned percussion), Pongsakorn Lertsakworakul (drums and tuned percussion), Matas Masungsong (drums), Tossaporn Tassana (ranats), Somnuek Saengarun (reed instruments), Lertkiat Mahavinijchaimontri (strings), Pornnapa Netaumporn (Thai khim), Tinnakorn Attapiaboon (Thai wote and percussion), and Sombat Simla (Thai khaen). Each instrument was captured chromatically within their natural ranges for an authentic representation of each, with up to 6 mixable mic positions per instrument for maximum sonic versatility.

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Richard Harvey

The result is a truly unique collection of evocative sounds and textures that honor the traditional rhythms, articulations, and phrasings of these instruments - and exemplify the peerless sound quality and intuitive playability that Orchestral Tools is known for. Sångara gives composers the ability to summon up inspiring rhythmic foundations, moody tuned percussion, soaring melodies, or evocative plucked sounds. The array of sounds on offer is wide and diverse, and well-suited to a similarly wide range of applications - far beyond simply invoking traditional Southeast Asian styles.

“Every collection we create in collaboration with Richard is a result of his genuine passion and enthusiasm for the instruments and their history and cultural context,” said Orchestral Tools CEO Hendrik Schwarzer. “Sångara is our shared homage to the musical traditions of Southeast Asia and an opportunity for composers around the world to explore the incredible instruments and musical styles that have originated there.”