EastWest Hollywood Fantasy Voices

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EastWest has completed yet another chapter of their new Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra: Hollywood Fantasy Voices. There’s a world of difference between a trained singer and a vocalist who has perfected true cinematic fantasy singing, and Hollywood Fantasy Voices bridges that gap with voices recorded specifically for cinematic scores. EastWest has meticulously built this collection from the ground up, with multiple microphone positions, portamento control, mood (Soft, Classic, and Epic) and more. Hollywood Fantasy Voices allows the composer - with only a few words - to transport the audience into a world far away from home.

EastWest recorded singer Merethe Soltvedt’s majestic voice, along with full male and female choirs to provide ethereal, floating vocals that capture the essence of battles, lost kingdoms, or emotional trials. Merethe lent this library the same power and grace she brings as the lead vocalist for Two Steps From Hell. What’s even more impressive, she recorded all the words for the Hollywood Fantasy Voices library in Tolkien’s Elvish language!

Key Features:

  • Forget complex CC automation; simply hold a single note and let Merethe’s haunting vocals do the rest! Switch between Lyrical (for dramatic, dynamic vowels) and Vibrato (for higher-energy sustained vowels) to instantly add a mysterious, regal topline to your scores (think Howard Shore’s Evenstar from The Two Towers). Every note is rich with emotion and magic, ready to add to the fantasy orchestra.
  • For more dramatic melodies that demand maximum realism and expression. These true legato passages are perfect for evoking images of rolling hills, distant castles, and all manner of fantasy settings - grand, expressive legato transitions were recorded both ascending and descending within an octave, allowing the composer to make even large intervals feel effortless with Merethe’s emotive voice.
  • Merethe recorded 60 different words from Tolkien’s original language across a range of notes, which can be performed in isolation or chained together to create unique phrases and sentences.
  • Instantly set the mood for brooding, somber, and ominous fantasy scores. When a strong vocal line is needed but the melody is not yet flashed out, these ad lib phrases can create the perfect part by playing a single note. All are organized into patches by key, making finding the perfect vocal part easy and convenient.
    EastWest included ethereal male and female groups with different vowels to provide a rich palette to underscore the most gallant and potent moments. The choir’s style has heavy traditional folk inspirations, making this the perfect fit when conventional “epic” choirs simply don’t do the job.
  • EastWest also included a keyswitch section to bring the rest of the instrument together into several condensed patches, allowing the composer to include all desired fantasy voices with less tracks and menu diving. These include a full choir, men’s / women’s choirs, and Merethe’s recordings of sustains, phrases, and Elvish words.

Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra is now almost complete with Strings, Brass, Winds, Percussion and Voices. Only Hollywood Fantasy Orchestrator is yet to be released on October 5th.

Hollywood Fantasy Voices is available for individual purchase for a special introductory price of $99 (reg. $149), or you can get it as part of a Hollywood Fantasy Orchestra bundle, or with EastWest’s popular ComposerCloud+ subscription service, which gives you access to this and all collections in their massive catalog. EastWest is currently offering one month ComposerCloud+ Free Trials, as well as two months free for students as part of a Back To School promotion.