Sinevibes Hollow, Isomer, Luminance & Vibrant

sinevibes KORG FX

Sinevibes announces the release of four new effect plugins for KORG synthesizers: Hollow vast space reverb, Isomer ensemble delay, Luminance shimmer reverb, and Vibrant deep phaser. This represents the company's next leap in KORG DSP algorithm development, allowing prologue, minilogue xd, and NTS-1 hardware owners to have direct access to a yet wider selection of high-quality effects – without having to use external software or pedals.

Hollow is a vast space reverb. At its core is a feedback delay network with as many as 64 connections, which can produce a truly lush, almost three-dimensional reverb sound. With all settings maxed out, this engine is capable of tail times that exceed 120 seconds, while still having a smooth and naturally damped exponential decay. Hollow also features our trademark unison-style modulation via three phase-shifted sine oscillators – which adds highly musical depth and richness.

Isomer is an ensemble delay. It has two main stereo delays offering tempo-synchronized time adjustment and near-infinite feedback. Their outputs are sent into four additional delays (two per channel) with their own individual feedback lines and with their times being modulated by four separate LFO signals. Thanks to the mutual phase offsets between these LFOs, and subtle feedback, the delay tail gets a smooth and highly musical detuning effect similar to chorus ensemble. Due to the opposing modulation between the left and right channels, Isomer also adds an extra dimension within the stereo field.

Luminance is a shimmer reverb. It’s a novel take on this highly coveted effect: an ethereal reverb whose tail gradually pitch-shifts itself upwards or downwards. The plugin is based on a feedback delay network which incorporates a granular pitch shifter and chorus-style time modulation. Thanks to the very unique and meticulously executed tuning of its individual components, Luminance smoothly follows the original musical content and creates a beautiful background sound layer – reminiscent of a dreamy symphony of strings or pipe organs.

Vibrant is a deep phaser. It’s based on a classic analog-inspired design which connects six two-pole all-pass filters in series and has a global feedback loop. This setup produces three deep notches in the incoming signal’s spectrum, with strong yet smooth resonant peaks around them – possessing a distinct vocal-like character at higher feedback values. The plugin’s built-in triangle LFO sweeps the center frequency within the musical range of 800 to 3200 Hz, exactly two octaves.


  • KORG prologue
  • KORG minilogue xd
  • KORG NTS-1

Hollow, Isomer, Luminance, Vibrant are immediately available for $19 each. Sinevibes KORG FX bundle with 21 effect plugins is also available with a 43% discount. The license allows the plugins to be installed on any number of compatible KORG devices that the user owns.