LANG Electronics Inc. PEQ-2

LANG PEQ 2 small

LANG Electronics Inc., a name in pro audio circles dating back to the Sixties and recently resurrected after an acquisition by European pro audio manufacturer Heritage Audio, is proud to announce availability of its PEQ-2 Program Equalizer - effectively bringing back to life one of the most desirable equalizers of all time some six decades after the original, albeit as a brand-new piece providing problem-free access to some of the sweetest-sounding tones and textures the industry has ever heard, putting pay to the prevailing practice of overcoming inflated pricing for used units that are almost always in a questionable state of operation when seeking out original Model PEQ-2s held in high regard by many discerning artists, engineers, and producers who consider the so-called ‘LANG PROGRAM EQUALIZER’ to be better than the ubiquitous Pultec when choosing it as their secret weapon - as of June 28…

It is fair to say that not many Model PEQ-2s were made back in the day, and those that have survived to this day are carefully guarded by their lucky owners. Indeed, it is not surprising that some professionals have stated that they actually prefer this model to the ubiquitous Pultec program equalizers made more popular by manufactured numbers alone. After all, both are essentially the same Western Electric design - distinctly high-quality passive equalizers with inductors, in other words - while the fact remains: reborn, LANG Electronics Inc.’s truly 21st Century-ported PEQ-2 Program Equalizer - like the Sixties- vintage Model PEQ-2 (a.k.a. ‘LANG PROGRAM EQUALIZER’) original - offers a sharper, tighter response that makes it ideal for mix bus use where flabby, undefined sound can ruin results. Reality dictates some important differences between those tussling passive equalizers that likely influenced that preference. Put it this way: with nearly twice as many frequency options on offer, the PEQ-2 Program Equalizer’s 26 certainly compares favorably to the Pultec’s paltry 14. For example, its low end is infinitely more variable with LF BOOST offering eight (20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 120, 160, and 240 HZ) frequencies to choose from (with up to 16 dB of boost) and LF DROOP offering four (25, 50, 100, and 200 HZ) frequencies to choose from (with up to 18 dB of cut) - unlike the Pultec. Then there is a very useful 20 KHZ option in its HF BOOST section.

It is little wonder, then, that ten-time GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY Award-winning producer/engineer/mixer Joe Chiccarelli - on record as a fan of the original ‘LANG PROGRAM EQUALIZER’ - is impressed with the first present-day PEQ-2 Program Equalizer unit that came out of the factory for testing in his clearly capable hands. “I used to love the original LANG EQs for bass, kick drum, and synth bass,” begins its well-versed recipient, before turning his attention to the welcomed unit in question: “They did a beautiful thing on vocals - a 20K frequency that is really great to add ‘air’ to vocals or background vocals. It almost sounds like you’re not really equalizing the vocal; because it’s so high, it just gives the vocal a lot of ‘air’ and beautiful top- end sheen. It’s really a unique equalizer.”

Effectively making one of the most desirable equalizers of all time fit for 21st Century usage - available to all as a brand-new piece providing problem- free access to some of the sweetest-sounding tones and textures the industry has ever heard, anyone purchasing LANG Electronics Inc.’s PEQ-2 Program Equalizer will be assuredly following in Joe Chiccarelli’s favoured footsteps. Thanks to a clear layout that is easy to use, they, too, can improve their tracks with natural- and musical-sounding processing in next to no time, transforming material in interesting, creative ways that they will almost certainly never have considered prior to changing their way of working - ways that would not even be possible with a Pultec, for it is, indeed, a really unique equalizer.

LANG Electronics Inc.’s PEQ-2 Program Equalizer is shipping and available via parent company Heritage Audio’s growing global network of dealers with a price of €999.00 EUR in the EU and a price of $899.00 USD, US distribution being handled via RAD Distribution.