Waves Clarity Vx DeReverb Pro

Waves ClarityVX DeReverbPro

Waves Audio, a developer of professional audio signal processing technologies and plugins, is now shipping the Clarity Vx DeReverb Pro plugin, an advanced AI reverb removal for dialogue & vocals, and the Clarity Vx DeReverb plugin, an instant AI room and reverb removal for voice. Following the success of Waves’ Clarity Vx and Clarity Vx Pro, which changed the world of post-production dialogue, Waves is offering these two AI reverb removal plugins that bring the groundbreaking Waves Neural Networks® technology to new heights.  

Perfect for post-production engineers, dialogue and ADR editors and re-recording mixers (and an extremely powerful tool for producers and mixing engineers as well), Clarity Vx DeReverb Pro enables unparalleled AI-driven reverb removal from voice with more power, precision and control than ever before, providing users with a highly efficient dialogue-editing workflow. Clarity’s pioneering AI technology dries recordings instantly and in real time, delivering immediate results. The resulting voice quality is unrivaled, granting users valuable time to focus on unleashing their creative potential.  

Clarity Vx DeReverb Pro gives users complete control over processing, ensuring extremely accurate results. Six flexible precision-processing bands allow you to only de-reverb problem frequencies, and added power offers the ability to push the processing bands up to 200% de-reverberation in areas that require it, and much more. For instance, if you’re mixing the dialogue during a wide shot, you can automate the Tail Smoothing control to maintain some of the original space, and then slowly curb the “verb” as the camera moves in closer.   

Early reflections on ADR takes? Clarity will tighten them. On-location recordings with long tails? Clarity will curb the “verb” while retaining desired production sounds. Mixing a feature vocal with pre-existing reverb? Tame low and high-frequency tails and preserve the reverb’s character. With Clarity Vx DeReverb Pro, you can unleash your creativity and shape the reverb tails according to your preferences.    

Clarity Vx DeReverb Pro features:

  • The next generation of Clarity AI voice processing
  • Instant reverb removal for dialogue & vocals
  • Fast and seamless workflow with intuitive GUI
  • Unprecedented power, precision & control for voice dereverberation
  • Real-time workflow in context, fully automatable parameters
  • Toggles for solo, bypass & delta – hear what’s being removed
  • Trained on all types of spaces, incl. long & short tails
  • Includes a license for Clarity Vx DeReverb
  • Acclaimed Waves Neural Networks technology, trusted by Oscar winners
  • Six flexible processing bands – choose where you dereverb
  • Tail Smoothing to soften release and rebuild natural room sound
  • Presence control to restore organic voice frequencies
  • Dedicated neural networks for dialogue (speech) & sung vocals  

Clarity Vx DeReverb

Waves ClarityVX DeReverb

Ideal for content creators, podcasters, musicians and producers, Clarity Vx DeReverb’s groundbreaking AI technology delivers instant removal of room sound and over-reverbed voice recordings. When recording in an untreated environment, a significant amount of room sound and reflections is also inadvertently captured. The vocals you’re working with might have more reverb and echo than they should, which can cloud your production and diminish its clarity. So, whether it is a podcast shot in a living room, an inspiring voice memo that’s perfect for your song but sounds too roomy, or a clip from social media you want to sample: Clarity Vx DeReverb’s AI technology does the heavy lifting, instantly solving room and reverb problems and giving you high fidelity, and professional-sounding vocal & dialogue recordings regardless of the room's acoustic characteristics. 

If you’re remixing a track and have only received the mix stems, you will likely have digital reverb baked into the vocals. Use Clarity Vx DeReverb to start at zero with dry vocals and make your own creative decisions. Treat the vocal with your choice of FX and produce and mix the track the way you want. The secret to a tighter mix is controlled use of reverb. With Clarity Vx DeReverb, your mix will sound punchier, more focused and more professional.  

Podcasters lacking an acoustically treated room: Thanks to Clarity Vx DeReverb, that is no longer a problem. You could be recording content in a living room or interviewing a guest in their glass-walled office. Clarity Vx DeReverb will drastically increase intelligibility and focus on the dialogue making podcasts & video content sound far more professional.  

Clarity Vx DeReverb features:

  • Instant one-knob AI room & reverb removal for vocals & dialogue
  • Solve room problems in any vocal or voice recording with ease
  • Make usable vocal samples that have too much reverb
  • Record a spontaneous moment anywhere, and remove room issues with Clarity
  • The next generation of Clarity AI voice processing
  • Trained on all types of reverby spaces, incl. long & short tails
  • Dedicated neural networks for dialogue (speech) and sung vocals
  • Acclaimed Waves Neural Networks technology, trusted by GRAMMY and Oscar winners

Both plugins are available for either purchase or subscription:

  • Purchase (perpetual licenses): Each plugin can be bought separately. Both plugins are also included in the Waves Mercury, SD7 Pro Show, and Pro Show bundles.
  • Subscription: Clarity Vx DeReverb is included in both Waves Creative Access subscription options: Waves Ultimate (220 plugins) and Waves Essential (110 plugins). Clarity Vx DeReverb Pro is included in Waves Ultimate.