GC Audio GY Gyraf Audio & Langley for Inherit

GC Audio cartouche Langley new

GC Audio has just released two new signature cartridges for its Inherit system (modular cartridge preamplification system). The first is a cartridge designed by Graham Langley, co-founder of Amek and designer of many legendary large format mixing consoles (Amek Mozart, Rembrandt, Angela and Amek 9098 in collaboration with Rupert Neve, etc...). This new cartridge, exclusive to the Inherit system, has been designed to make the best use of the resources offered by the reception rack. The synoptic is a premium differential mic preamp composed of paired transistors and constant current sources. It is digitally controlled in order to isolate the analog signal path in the metal cartridge (and therefore separated from the radiation of the linear power supply). Common mode rejection and output balancing are manually calibrated to achieve optimized values. The resistive ratios are composed of low value in order to obtain an optimal EIN. This preamp is perfect for user needing uncompromising sound pickup with a transparent and powerful result.

Overview by Graham Langley: “When I first discovered the GC Audio “Inherit” system I was impressed by the innovative concept of interchangeable microphone amplifier cartridges allowing customers the flexibility and freedom of choice to enhance their creativity. The thought that had gone into the design and the build quality of the product also appealed to me. I was therefore honoured when invited to contribute a “Langley” microphone amplifier cartridge design. I designed a custom preamp to completely match the capabilities of the Inherit System. The circuit is reminiscent of the topology that I used in Amek console microphone amplifier designs in the 1970s and 80s but with significant improvements, particularly in noise performance. This cartridge is intended to provide a clean, transparent sound over the full audio frequency spectrum.  I hope you enjoy using this addition to your “Inherit” cartridge collection.”

GC Audio Inherit Gyraf Audio

The second is a cartridge designed by Jakob Erland From Gyraf Audio. Jakob Erland is universally recognized as one of the leading experts in tube hardware design. He is also very popular in the DIY community where he provides free help. The GY 4.5 Inherit cartridge is, as its name implies, a single channel of the famous Gyraf Audio Gyratec 9 preamp. Faithful to the original in every detail.

GC Audio GY 4.5 is a genuine tube preamplifier: Coming with two ECC82 running on high voltage, no solid-state component in the signal path, input/output balanced by high-end Lundahl transformers.

The goal with this design is to achieve everything from a completely clean to a possibly very colorful sound imprint. All under the total control of the user. The most important aspect of this circuit is its very slow transition to overload - it has a sweet spot that seems to last for ages. We recommend it e.g. for vocals, where by raising gain and lowering output volume, you can get a nice dense analog saturation without overloading your converters. This cartridge is a real creative tool.