Erica Synths mki x es.EDU & Stereo Compressor

EricaSynths StereoCompressor DIY
Erica Synths Stereo Compressor

Erica Synths announces two new compressors for modular system. First, the company extends its collaboration with Moritz Klein with a new EDU DIY Compressor; and second, the company announces an all new Stereo Compressor Eurorack module, perfect for optimizing and shaping percussive sounds.

The latest in the mki x es.EDU series, this simple but powerful module will impart a professional polish in your modular system, allowing you to shape the dynamics of your sound. Sonically, it adds punch and consistency to your patches. Whether you’re looking to beef up your basslines, add sustain to your leads, or tame the peaks of your percussion, this circuit has you covered.

EricaSynths mki x es EDU
Erica Synths mki x es.EDU

Erica Synths and Moritz Klein's educational DIY kits (mki x es.EDU) were developed with with one specific goal in mind: to teach people with little-to-no prior experience how to design analog synthesizer circuits from scratch. Rather than just soldering and racking, these kits were mean to take users through the entire circuit design process step by step, explaining the rationale behind every circuit design choice and and how it impacts the finished module.

Each mki x es.EDU kit is simple and is comes with extensive user manuals which can be downloaded separately — this is in lieu of customer support in case your DIY build fails to function or similar.

Most people agree: everything sounds better with compression! Whether your drum sounds require an extra bit of pressure, or a subtle touch to make your modular mix more nimble and tight, the Erica Synths Stereo Compressor will make your live performances a joy. The module has been expressly optimized for percussion sounds and is a perfect addition to any Erica Synths Drum module rig. The Stereo sidechain can be used to animate melodic layers on the beat and to bring your Basslines to life.


THAT chip-based stereo compressor
DC coupled sidechain
Gain, Threshold and Compression Amount (Ratio) settings
Stereo Link for level detectors
Bypass switch
8 segment output level VU meter

The EDU DIY compressor is priced at just €65 and the Stereo Compressor is priced at €170 - both items are scheduled to begin shipping next week.