Bjooks & myVolts Candycord Halo Cables

Bjooks Candycord Halo Cables

Bjooks, the Danish book publisher responsible for prominent music industry book titles including PUSH TURN MOVE, PEDAL CRUSH, SYNTH GEMS 1, and the renowned PATCH & TWEAK series, announced a promotional collaboration with Dublin, Ireland-based myVolts involving its colorful Candycord Halo patch cables.

While promotional supplies last, customers who purchase a PATCH & TWEAK title on the website below - including PATCH & TWEAK, PATCH & TWEAK with Moog and PATCH & TWEAK with Korg - will receive a discount voucher for a free two-pack of myVolts' unique light-emitting Candycord Halo cables designed in collaboration with Andrew Huang. The promotion is limited to one purchase per customer and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. After purchasing a PATCH & TWEAK title on the website below using the code MYVOLTS at checkout, customers will receive a separate voucher by email valued at $20 toward the purchase of myVolts Candycord Halo cables.

Kim Bjørn, founder of Bjooks, commented: "Since Bjooks began in 2017 with PUSH TURN MOVE, an important ongoing mission of ours has been to inspire the Eurorack community, while encouraging experimentation and fun. Candycord Halo cables are aesthetically inspiring, and they also provide meaningful feedback to users on things like frequency, triggers and identifying signal polarity."

"I've thoroughly enjoyed the PATCH & TWEAK series and am happy to be able to partner with Bjooks," says Andrew Huang. "In our development of Candycord Halos we shared many of the same goals - of making patching a more fun, educational, and rewarding experience."

Bjooks PT books

Ideal for use with modular, semi-modular, pitch/gate controllers, or sequencers, Halo is the latest addition to the highly durable and elegantly finished Candycord range. Ideal for providing visual feedback on triggers, clocks, gates and other functions, these dual LED tipped cables encourage new musical adventures, educating and inspiring along the way. Candycord Halos feature premium materials such as gold-plated connectors and come in a range of delicious pastel colors as well as matte black and fresh white. The straight cables come in every color and in lengths of 15, 30, 50, and 80cm in pairs or 8 packs.