Mixed In Key Pilot Plugins

MixedInKey PilotMelody knobs closeup

Mixed In Key has released a new product called Pilot Plugins. This is a new generation of artificial intelligence that creates a back-and-forth experience of working between the music producer and the AI to generate melodies, basslines and arpeggios. With this technology, you can create MIDI and Audio files that respond to your feedback.

Whether you’re on Mac or Windows, Pilot Plugins will speed up your creative process and help you write great music. Mixed In Key's vision behind Pilot Plugins was to create a plugin where the music producer makes the important decisions, and the A.I. helps to generate ideas based on the producer controlling it.

Pilot Plugins contains three plugins: Pilot Melody, Pilot Bass and Pilot Arpeggio. Each plugin has a similar workflow that allows musicians to generate MIDI and Audio files. The launch version of Pilot Plugins includes a collection of musical styles called "Futurism Vol. 1" This collection is geared towards Melodic Techno, Progressive House and other sub-genres of electronic music, although it may be used for other genres. In time, additional expansion packs will be created for all music genres.

Each style is represented by a visual avatar to showcase different vibes that may inspire your music production. Since the name of the pack is "Futurism Vol 1", Mixed In Key has chosen a retro-futuristic design for their first pack of styles. The avatars are inspired by classic sci-fi, while the sounds and rhythms are geared towards modern electronic music production.

After selecting a style, you can experiment with the various control knobs to customize the style further. These knobs allow you to adjust parameters such as Rhythm, Density, Shape and other parameters that give you precise control over the generation of the MIDI and Audio Files. When you twist a knob, you'll see new MIDI notes generated in the center preview section.

Mixed In Key designed every Style to have its own user interface with control knobs that were made specifically for that style. This way, you can create the perfect sound and rhythm for your needs. The back-and-forth experience of using Pilot Plugins allows you to shape and control MIDI and Audio until you've created something incredible sounding.

Pilot Plugins and Captain Chords work together in perfect harmony, allowing you to create incredible melodies, basslines and arpeggios with ease. You can use Pilot Plugins as a stand-alone plugin, or together with Captain Chords. When using it as a stand-alone, the chord progression engine lets you fit your melody into whatever project you're working on, whether it's a pop song, melodic techno, or EDM production. You can choose from a variety of chord progressions, or create your own custom progression. With Pilot Plugins, you have everything you need to create incredible melodies and basslines.

Pilot Plugins is the perfect tool for generating an endless number of melodies, basslines and arpeggios. With just a click of the Regenerate button, you can create new ideas instantly. Plus, with the history feature, you can review previous creations so you never lose track of your best ideas. With millions of MIDI files possible to generate with Pilot Plugins, this product is sure to offer inspiration every time you use it!

Once you generate the MIDI, the audio engine creates a great-sounding Audio File using the award-winning Phase Plant synthesizer made by Kilohearts. Pilot Plugins comes with a library of sounds that are based on both classic and modern synthesizers. With Phase Plant powering the sound engine, you can create Audio Files that sound great and are based on the latest trends.

When you're working on a new track, the last thing you want is a boring user interface with preset names. With Pilot Plugins, each sound preset has its own custom-designed 3D image to capture the essence of the instrument it represents. You can also browse sounds by type or mood, so finding the right sound for your track is easy and fun. The sounds are production-ready and you can use them in your final songs - but you're also able to export your results to your favorite synths.

Exporting your creations from Pilot into your DAW couldn't be easier - just click the export button. You can choose to export your Pilot melodies as either a MIDI or audio file, depending on what you need. When exporting to Ableton Live, the correct tempo information is embedded into the exported files so they'll integrate perfectly with your Live set.

The launch version focuses on electronic music, but the team at Mixed In Key is also creating expansion packs for Pop Music, R&B, Hip Hop and Trap. Mixed In Key are continuously listening to feedback from their community to make sure that the back-and-forth between the music producer and their A.I. platform is effective for everyone who uses it. Their goal is that this new platform will inspire all music producers so they can create their best work yet.

Available now for Windows and Mac, Pilot Plugins suite currently works with Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio and Studio One. The Pricing is $49.50 at launch during Black Friday special, $99 after.