TK Audio Transceiver 2

TK Audio Transceiver2 small

TK Audio presents the new Transceiver 2, a universal insert station both in studio and on stage. Recording engineers all over the world are using pedals like distortion, phasers, flangers, delays and other unbalanced gear to create new sounds in their studios and the Transceiver 2 is the perfect tool for this without compromising the signal quality. It has 4 channels and each one is equipped with a send level, return gain control, return polarity switch and a blend control. With the new added blend function you can choose how much of the inserted effect you want to blend in. All controls are stepped with 41 clicks for easier recall. The Transceiver 2 is a transformerless balanced design for the best possible signal handling, a flat frequency response and low harmonic distortion + noise. All outputs have high capability to drive transformers.

  • Insert your unbalanced gear such as guitar pedals and old echo fx into your DAW or console via the Transceiver 2.
  • Active DI-box with up to +20dB of gain. Plug your favorite instrument into your collection of vintage gear via the Transceiver 2.
  • A re-amping tool.
  • A universal insert station on stage. Connect balanced gear on stage between your instrument and amp.
  • Blend function for the inserted units.