Soyuz Launcher Deluxe

Soyuz Alex LDX

The latest release from Soyuz Microphones sees the pro audio brand expanding its inline microphone preamp concept with the Launcher Deluxe. The new stereo inline microphone preamp adds new connectivity, two different modes of use, and compatibility with condenser microphones and line-level signals.

“The Launcher has been a huge success for us, and since its release, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback from users all over the world,” says Soyuz Microphones owner David Brown. “With the Launcher Deluxe, we’ve given them everything they want and more.”

The Launcher Deluxe utilizes two separate signal paths to pass mic and line-level signals through the unit. Each path features two custom hand-wound toroidal transformers (the Launcher Deluxe features four transformers in total) and the same analog circuit that gave the original Launcher its distinct color and vibe.

Designed for flexibility, each channel of the Launcher Deluxe features two individually selectable modes, Launcher Mode and Saturate Mode, to benefit any source. Launcher Mode delivers a 26dB boost of gain and color to any dynamic or ribbon microphone. Flip the switch to Saturate Mode to bypass the additional gain and impart the classic character of The Launcher on any FET or tube condenser mic and line-level signal.

“The game-changer with the Launcher Deluxe is the ability to use it with condenser microphones,” states Brown. “Now engineers and artists alike can take advantage of The Launcher’s signature color and give their lesser microphones a much–needed lift.”

Initially released in 2019, The Launcher is a simple tool that offers easy access to the dreamy warmth and rich character of studio gear from the classic era. With more and more creators using multiple Launchers for live performances, recording sessions, and stereo summing, Soyuz envisioned a stereo version of the box with more flexibility.

The Launcher Deluxe is a viable option for working on the go and keeping your sound consistent no matter where you take it. The stereo inline mic preamp will easily fit into your bookbag or carrying case and find a comfortable home on stage, pedalboards, podcast desk, recording consoles, and more.