FAST Limiter plugin and FAST Bundle


The Collective from Focusrite is a creative hub with a mission to provide top quality plugins to its users and help them on their music making journey. We’re proud to introduce the latest plugin that completes the FAST Bundle; FAST Limiter.

FAST Limiter is designed to help musicians finish music and get their tracks to a release-ready standard thanks to a powerful AI and deep controls to craft their sound. This is a mastering tool like no other, avoiding presets, and using AI to apply the perfect settings to the track’s overall sound.

AI analyses audio to carefully select the perfect settings unique to the sound's characteristics. Musicians can use Reference Mastering to take the key sonic characteristics of their favourite songs and apply them to their tracks.

To celebrate the release of FAST Limiter and its place in FAST Bundle, Focusrite and Novation registered hardware owners can save over 60% off FAST Bundle from 28th July 2022–30th August 2022, reduced from $359.85 to $124.99.

FAST plugins are currently only available to customers in UK, EU, US, Canada, Japan & Australia.