soundmit 2022 slide crowd

SynthFest France is a synthesizer event created in France, in Nantes, in 2014. Constantly growing since its birth, this event gathers enthusiasts from several countries who come to share their passion in a collaborative and educational spirit, with very rare vintage synthesizers that visitors can try. It also welcomes small manufacturers as well as big brands who come to present their latest products in an accessible, warm and friendly event. Showcases, demos and concerts are also organized each year to discover new artists.

From the collaboration between the Italian fair Soundmit and the French fair SynthFest France arrives EMEA - Electronic Music Events Association. EMEA arises from the need to create a support network for musical events that promote the culture of electronic musical instruments and new technologies. At the base of EMEA there is the passion that unites musicians, creators of musical instruments and enthusiasts.

The purpose of EMEA is to promote and support interesting events around Europe, make a network between the events, share knowledge and contacts, guarantee quality events for exhibitors, investors and visitors. EMEA wants to be a quality label for the events that respect the principles of seriousness, quality, solidity and passion.