Qu-Bit Aurora SDK

Qu Bit SDK overlay
Qu-Bit SDK Overlay

Qu-Bit Electronix are introducing Aurora SDK, a C++ based development environment tailored to creating your own instruments and effects using Aurora as your code canvas. Thanks to the powerful Electrosmith Daisy platform, the possibilities are endless, from loopers and samplers, to sound sources and utilities. The choice is yours.

If you are a user just looking to use alternate firmware files on your Aurora, you do not need to install the SDK. The SDK is only used with the intention of coding your own alternate firmware for the Aurora hardware platform.

In short, a software development kit (SDK) is a collection of code-based development tools for a specific hardware platform. This can include pre-built code for communicating with peripherals, interfaces, and UI, as well as example code for specific applications. In laymen’s terms, you don’t need to write the code to use a knob or turn on an LED, we’ve got that covered. Your job is to create all the fun audio things in between.

Inside the SDK is everything you need to get your program communicating with the Aurora Hardware Platform, from knobs and CVs to the LED UI. There are even a few example programs to help you get the ball rolling on your code.

Added to that, the second installment in the Aurora Tutorial Series is now live. Dive into the under the hood settings to truly tap into Aurora’s full potential. Learn Shift functions, USB settings, and how to take advantage of them with this step-by-step guide created by Johno Wells, which is available on the website below.

The perfect companion for developing firmware on the Aurora Hardware Platform is the SDK Overlay. Tailored to fit on your module at any angle without removing a single knob, and designed with flexibility in mind to keep development streamlined.

This PCB overlay rests perfectly snug on your Aurora, allowing for work at any angle, all while acting as a blank slate for you to develop your own Aurora based instruments and effects. Jot down function names to keep track of your development, while still having access to items like the USB and LED UI. If something needs to be changed, or you are starting a new development, simply wipe the board clean and begin anew.

  • PCB material overlay.
  • tailored fit for any angle use. It doesn’t get more snug than this.
  • no need to remove knobs, USBs. Overlays seamlessly fit onto existing hardware.

Starting today, Aurora SDK is now available to the public. Qu-Bit are looking forward to the future of Aurora, and what new and exciting applications users will come up with and share with the community alongside our official alternate firmware releases. Once you've got something cool you may want to share the binary, and/or the source code with the community. The Qu-Bit Forum is a great place to share your project along with any details about how it works. Another great place to share your project is on patchstorage.