GForce Software Hainbach’s Artist Expansion Pack

GForce Hainbach

GForce Software announces the release of the Hainbach Artist Expansion Pack for the M-Tron. To continue their series of Artist Expansion Packs, they invited German electronic music composer and video creator, Hainbach, to craft a modern yet authentic ‘Tron pack. This pack comes with M-Tron Select, a carefully curated selection of the world’s most iconic ‘Tron sounds, that additionally allows any user to play the Hainbach Artist Expansion Pack. The pack is also compatible with M-Tron Pro, allowing users to take full advantage of all the M-Tron’s features and sound design capabilities.

Hainbach has become renowned globally for his unique experimental sound design techniques and ambient recordings on YouTube. As a composer, lyricist and musician, he has worked on over 70 theatre plays, many of which feature the GForce M-Tron. His love for experimentation with tapes, nuclear test equipment and rare, exotic machines made him the perfect candidate to craft a modern collection of weird and wonderful sounds for the ‘Tron.

Fans of Hainbach will instantly recognise his signature blend of experimental sound design and ambient exploration. Featuring rare and obscure instruments, such as the Suiko ST-50, and modern classics such as the Teenage Engineering OP1, the recordings were ‘Tronized’ using Streetly Electronics’ Skeletron - a bare-bones Mellotron M400. This involved recording everything to tape, and then re-recording the output via the Skeletron pre-amp. This labour of love allowed us to guarantee the classic Mellotron character was retained, making this a truly authentic ‘Tron pack.

With Hainbach’s characteristic experimental sound, the Hainbach Artist Expansion Pack includes 28 tape banks of unique electronic sounds and over 150 M-Tron presets carefully created by Hainbach, Dave Spiers and Tom Wolfe. With a variety of distinctive lo-fi sounds and a classic ‘Tron vibe, this Expansion Pack proudly takes the M-Tron to new sonic heights.

Hainbach Expansion Pack – key features

  • A GForce Software and Hainbach collaboration
  • Compatible with M-Tron Select (included) and M-Tron Pro
  • Over 150 M-Tron Pro Patches
  • 28 carefully curated tape banks for M-Tron Pro
  • Instruments include: Kraut Kalimba, Maestro, Orchestral Strings, Crumar Colors (Cosmic Italy), Michelsonne (French Toy Piano), CRB 2000 (Computerband), Mad Rhodes, SH2
  • (Classic Mono Synth), Endless Piano, Giallo Strings, HP Waves (Test Equipment Waves), Trance Waves, Suiko (Poetry Trainier) and Juno60 (Classic Synth)..
  • 35 notes per tape bank
  • M-Tron Select with 50 additional patches included for free (Player included for free)

M-Tron Select – key features

  • A curated selection of the world’s most iconic Tron sounds
  • 50 highly inspiring Patches
  • Control over Pan, Reverse and Tune of each Sound
  • Overall control of Balance, Attack, Release and Volume
  • Instruments include: a collection of MkII Flutes and Violins, M400 Vibes, Choirs, GC3 Brass and  Strings.

The Hainbach Expansion Pack is available now at an intro price of £29.99/$34.99 (50% OFF) until April 30th 2022.