Tone2 Electra 2.9

The update to Electra v2.9 is available for free. It adds a VST3 version and includes several enhancements and fixes. Electra 2.9 is downward compatible with all previous versions. All existing song projects and patches can be loaded without any further steps necessary.

New features:

  • Added a VST3 version (PC).
  • You can select from 3 different installation types (PC): Minimal (VST2 only), Default (VST2 + Standalone) and Full (VST2 + VST3 + Standalone).
  • HiDPI support for the VST3 and Mac.
  • Longer parameter-names with Layer-number for the VST3 version.


  • Smaller binary and slightly faster loading.
  • More linear frequency respone for very high frequencies.
  • Enhanced oversampling for 44 and 48kHz.
  • More precise timing.
  • More detailed tooltips.
  • It is not longer necessary to reboot MacOS 11 & 12 to detect the AudioUnit.
  • Slightly better performance.
  • Further optimisation to prevent denormalisation.
  • Smarter detection of VST2 path.
  • Several small enhancements


  • Workaround for some DAWs that did not update the GUI properly after re-sizing it.
  • The VST3 plugin (beta v2.8.5) did not properly sync the BPM-rate.
  • Recording Automation with the VST3 version (beta v2.8.5) did not work in all DAWs.
  • Fixed a possible GUI glitch with the Step-LFO.
  • Better compatibility with MacOS 11 & 12. The effect parameters did not always update and tooltips did not work in Dark Mode.
  • Workaround for several GUI glitches caused by Big Sur.


  • The 32 bit version will not longer be updated. If you still depend on it, you can install Electra 2.8 instead.
  • Updated some links.