TONE2 Audio releases Icarus 2.0.6

TONE2 Audio Icarus 2.0.6 small

Tone2 Audio has updated the PC version of Icarus to v2.0.6. Icarus2 is one of the most powerful, full-featured and versatile synthesizers available on the market.

The update is available for free. It adds a VST3 version and some enhancements. Icarus 2.0.5 is downward compatible with all previous versions. All existing song projects and patches can be loaded without any further steps necessary.

New features:

  • Added a VST3 version.
  • You can select from 3 different installation types: Minimal (VST2 only), Default (VST2 + Standalone) and Full (VST2 + VST3 + Standalone).


  • More smart detection of VST2 path.
  • Faster closing of projects.
  • Minor enhancements for the standalone version.

Microsoft dropped the support for 32bit operating systems. That's why TONE2 Audio will focus on 64bit only. If 32bit is still being used, v2.0 can be installed.