zplane development releases TONIC - intelligent key and scale finder plugin

zplane TONIC UI only

zplane.development just released TONIC by zplane - an intelligent key and scale finder plugin that can show key and compatible notes and chords for any audio recording.

TONIC will show users up to three suggested key, with a graph showing the probability level for each suggestion. Using the built-in preview tool, TONIC users can try out notes and chords in the selected key to verify a perfect fit. Knowing the key of a recorded piece of music makes it far easier to develop songs, remixes or beats further, with the recorded audio as a starting point.

TONIC also takes offset in root tuning into account. Recordings of acoustic instruments or made on analog recording equipment may not be perfectly tuned to A=440Hz. TONIC can detect and show the base tuning for the recording, and suggests keys based on that tuning offset.

“Many music-makers may have immense talents for creating unique and artistic music, while at the same time also struggle with some fundamental music theory such as determining the key of a piece of music”, says Chad Carrier, Product Manager at zplane development. “We created TONIC as a super easy-to-use tool that will help producers, remixers, beatmakers and performers by letting them know the keys for their music and audio, and show them the notes and chords that work within that key.”

TONIC by zplane is available as a plugin in VST3, AU and AAX formats. The plug-in also has an offline mode that can quickly analyze audio files before loading them into hardware or software samplers.