Wide Blue Sound annoucnes all-new expansions for ELYSIUM organic motion synthesizer

Wide Blue Sound, creators of cutting-edge synthesizers for AAX (Avid Audio eXtension), AU (Audio Units), and VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plug-in formats, presents the PANDORA and RHYTHMIC ELEMENT - available as all-new expansions for its ELYSIUM organic motion synthesizer that took the ever-widening KONTAKT plug-in instrument world by storm when released late last year to widespread critical acclaim - as of September 28…

As an astounding ELYSIUM EXPANDER, PANDORA witnesses Wide Blue Sound turning off ELYSIUM’s extraordinary PHASE SEQUENCER in favour of producing purely sublime, ultra-playable hybrid instruments incorporating its plethora of other features, including unique sampled sound sources, the highly-original Orbital Synthesis engine, and one-of-a-kind FX system to create noteworthy new instrument sounds that no other synthesizer can currently produce. Put it this way: with PANDORA, Wide Blue Sound quite literally opens a Pandora’s box of sonic delights by bringing 62 inspirational instruments alongside a 14-patch bonus set, The Lost Patches, to the wonderful-sounding world of ELYSIUM.

ELYSIUM expansion continues apace with RHYTHMIC ELEMENT, available as another ELYSIUM EXPANDER, this time delivering driving presets employing ELYSIUM’s extraordinary PHASE SEQUENCER - itself allowing for step-based PITCH, ACCENT, and ACTION, the latter’s feature-packed functionality extending to include Triple hits (ratchets), Tightening notes, and Reverse/Fade-in notes. No fewer than 88 of those presets are included, in fact, duly designed to fit into any modern musical genre, each harnessing the power of its five categories - namely, Deep Pulsars, Analog Drums, Pulses, Rhythm Suites, and Tickers.

With the timely addition of PANDORA and RHYTHMIC ELEMENT, ELYSIUM - itself also advantageously available to purchase through German giant Native Instruments since Wide Blue Sound became an NKS (NATIVE KONTROL STANDARD) Partner, positioned on Native Access as a result for easy installation/updates.

PANDORA and RHYTHMIC ELEMENT are available to purchase at a time-limited introductory promo price of $29.00 USD apiece until October 10, 2021 - rising thereafter to their respective regular price of $39.00 USD - directly from the Wide Blue Sound website.

ELYSIUM itself is also on offer for $129.35 USD - representing an attractive 35% saving on its regular price of $199.00 USD - directly from the Wide Blue Sound website.