AVT integrates RAVENNA – by MAGIC

In the wake of the software-based AES67 integration for almost all AVT systems, Nuremberg-based German telephone hybrids and audio codec specialists Audio Video Technologies (AVT) have announced availability of the new MAGIC RAVENNA module – based on DirectOut’s RAV2 OEM card - for selected AVT systems. This partnership witnesses the continued growth of the RAVENNA ecosystem, consolidating its position as the most flexible and natively AES67-compliant AoIP technology on the market.

"More than a year ago, we made the decision to offer a native RAVENNA solution for our products, as many of our customers requested an optimized integration of their studio environment," says Wolfgang Peters, Managing Director of AVT. "RAVENNA is the most powerful and adaptable AoIP technology available, a perfect match for the ever-changing individual requirements of our customers’ applications,” he continues. “We finally decided on a solution from DirectOut because an integration of their RAV2 OEM module with its support of AES67, SMPTE ST 2110-30/31, stream redundancy in all ST 2022-7 classes as well as NMOS is the perfect solution for us. Furthermore, we have known and appreciated DirectOut for years as a reliable and flexible development partner. We also see the fact that many customers are already familiar with the user interface of MAGIC RAVENNA from having used other DirectOut products as a great advantage.

"The new module completes our products with a native RAVENNA solution to provide our customers with the best possible integration into their studio environment," adds AVT sales & marketing manager, Annemarie Hübner. "The ability to offer NMOS support for Discovery & Registration as well as Device Connection Management significantly simplifies integration into large AoIP networks, and stream redundancy for all ST 2022-7 classes prevents interruptions in the audio signal caused by network problems.”

The MAGIC RAVENNA module is initially available for AVT’s most powerful VoIP telephone hybrid system, MAGIC THipPro. Integration for the Quad DAB+ Encoder MAGIC AE4 and the DAB Ensemble Multiplexer MAGIC DABMUX plus is scheduled for the following months.

MAGIC RAVENNA may be integrated into both new and existing MAGIC THipPro VoIP systems, providing an additional 32 x 32 audio channels via IP, which can be distributed to up to 32 network streams. The module does not interfere with the digital and analogue audio interfaces of the MAGIC THipPro – both can still be used.  Of course, the RAVENNA module directly supports the AES67 and SMPTE ST 2110-30/31 standards, ensuring compatibility with other systems.

“We at ALC are always thrilled to see a successful collaboration between RAVENNA partners, which in this instance has resulted in the first RAVENNA-enabled product from AVT,” says Andreas Hildebrand, RAVENNA Evangelist at ALC NetworX. “MAGIC RAVENNA delivers the uncompromising level of reliability that is associated with the RAVENNA name and supports the industry’s AES67/ST2110-30/31 standards, guaranteeing high compatibility with other systems. The future of AoIP looks bright and interconnected!”

DirectOut CTO/CEO Claudio Becker-Foss agrees: “As a RAVENNA partner from the very beginning, we have continuously worked on the quality and interoperability of our implementation. Numerous customer requests and suggestions have been incorporated into the design of our RAV2 OEM module and we are happy to see that AVT is now using it to match the exacting demands of their broadcast product range.”

DirectOut’s RAV2 RAVENNA OEM board is one of several OEM solutions available from a number of RAVENNA partners with a varying range of performance specifications to suit every application. For further details, please see the RAVENNA website OEM solutions page.