IrcamLAB Announce The Snail version 1.3

IrcamLab the snail UI v1 3 small

The Snail is a high-precision frequency-domain analyzer that offers a new way of analyzing music or tuning an instrument accurately. This Tuesday 10th sees the release of version 1.3 with an attractive promotion.

A free update to all previous owners. Version 1.3 provides extended feature options, improved performance, license activation (supporting up-to 3 machines), documentation overhaul, and more...

How Does The Snail Work ?

In short, there are two modes and three different display views:

The Modes:

  • Music Mode is the most suitable to view your music with, if for instance it contains complex polyphonic content.
  • Tuner Mode is the preferred to help tune an instrument as it increases the resolution of the analysis.

The Display Views

  • Snail View provides a representation of the fundamental frequencies and all related harmonics or overtones in real time. Sound is displayed as 'blobs' along a spiralled view from the low frequencies in the center to higher frequencies (and their respective musical notes) up the spiral GUI.
  • Zoomed Tuner View displays the hexagonal shape which rotates and slows down as you zero down to green on the exact reference frequency. This display is the closest view to a traditional tuner while being incredibly more precise.
  • Sonogram View offers a more standard representation of the sound spectrum over time (vertically), highlighting the prevailing frequencies. This view provides more detail of the frequencies' energy for analysis.
Update Overview

What's new in version 1.3?

New Features:

  • Color grid option
  • Click and Tune
  • Show grid option


  • Significantly improved performances and optimized file size
  • Updated installers with EULA (macOS & Windows)
  • Updated authorization scheme and UI
  • Updated trial period scheme and UI
  • About panel with new Licence button (click on main icon to display)
  • Product name changed: Standalone & Plug-ins now start with The Snail
  • Improved text upon successful authorization
  • Documentation update

Bug Fixes

  • Undesired background overlay
  • Installer text description for plug-in formats
  • Optimized GPU performance to reduce fan activity
  • Flashy background for audio settings dialog
  • Brief scratchy sound upon opening
  • OpenGL misc. updates to address reported incompatibilities
  • Monophonic audio system (input and/or output) handled more gracefully
  • Signed and notarized installer for macOS 10.15 and up
  • Mac compatibility from 10.7 to 11.1 (inc. ARM machines with Rosetta 2)

MSRP $99 / MAP $79 / Promo $49*

*The promotion will run from August 10th through August 29th.