Mathew Lane and Plugivery Distribution Announce 'The Full Bundle'

"StereoDelta | DrMs | TiCo"

 Mathew Lane and Plugivery Distribution announce Mathew Lane's Full Bundle; containing all three current products: StereoDelta, DrMS, and TiCo.

Available today with an attractive intro promotion ($199) through May 1st, 9AM CET.

Mathew Lane products are available as individual plug-in purchases and the collective Full Bundle through pro audio dealers worldwide, via Plugivery Distribution.


Plugivery MatthewLane StereoDelta

An easy to use spatial processor, with one powerful knob to control your stereo image. From true mono to three dimensional width, StereoDelta always maintains a natural sound thanks to DrMS technology inside.

Some might find the power of critically acclaimed DrMS a bit overwhelming, this is where StereoDelta comes in :

One knob controls several parameters of the advanced DrMS algorithm inside at once. Well chosen internal parameter combinations make StereoDelta a flexible and creative tool for instant high quality useful and unique results.

StereoDelta’s single control knob goes from true mono fold down (save all stereo info into mono!) at the left of its range, over your original stereo at 12 o’clock, into 3D expanded stereo to the right.

StereoDelta’s DrMS style widening does not only make your soundstage wider, but also deeper, more open, more real. And always with the confidence of mono compatibility.


Plugivery MatthewLane DrMS

A unique spatial processor, with a wide range of applications for mixing, mastering and post production - going from simple MS (Mid-Side) encoding/decoding, over stereo field width and depth enhancement, to fixing mono compatibility issues and more.

DrMS can handle from simple MS (Mid-Side) encoding/decoding to increasing stereo field width and depth enhancement, it can also fix mono compatibility issues and much more.


Plugivery MatthewLane TiCo

A flexible signal processor plug-in, TiCo features 7 'TiGHTNESS' compression styles and 7 'CoNTOUR' character styles...

TiCo is built to take any source - drums, bass, guitars, synths, vocals, (mix)buss, masters and more - to the next level with ease.

Pricing & Availability

Full Bundle: $299