Audio Design Desk Offers New Tools for Musicians and Podcasters

Audio Design Desk 1 6 small

Audio Design Desk, a professional software that has revolutionized producing sound for film, today announced the release of version 1.6 which includes DAWSync, LoopDNA and audio recording features.

The NAB ‘Best of Show’ Award-winning sound design software adds 10,000 more sounds and music cues along with DAWSync and audio recording for musicians and podcasters to produce and deliver content without ever leaving the application. They are also opening an official public Slack workspace where users can share their work, exchange sounds, collaborate with one another, meet other artists, and directly communicate with the Audio Design Desk team.

Audio Design Desk founder Gabe Cowan said of the new release: “Audio Design Desk has always been about giving users lightning-fast workflows and amazing results. This latest update means users of ANY DAW can integrate Audio Design Desk into their workflow and use it like the mother of all plug-ins. It offers all gain with no pain!”

New Features At A Glance

  • DAWSync
  • Effortlessly sync Audio Design Desk to any DAW including Pro Tools, Nuendo, Studio One, and Logic to add sound design, sound effects, and music 10x faster.
  • LoopDNA
  • Audio Design Desk knows your loops from Splice or LoopCloud - so replacing, time stretching, and mixing and matching is immediate. LoopDNA brings the full power of Audio Design
  • Desk to every sample you import, offering users a real-time creative experience that keeps them in their flow.
  • Audio recording and editing tools
  • Now musicians and podcasters can record directly into Audio Design Desk without the need for an additional DAW. New features include advanced snap settings to duplicate, trim, and place music to the beat, the ability to automatically quantize sounds as you’re placing them, and a metronome you will actually like.

The 2020 NAB Best of Show-winning application now makes podcasting, music composition, and beat-making easier than ever using AI-assisted creative tools to increase productivity and expand creative horizons. From production to post to export, podcasters and musicians can now instantly create professional-sounding content in one place - or in direct connection with their existing DAW.

Used on shows found on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBOMax and others, professional creators have been using Audio Design Desk’s tools for over a year to create amazing sound design at lightning-fast speed.

Now the software expands its offerings by implementing multitrack recording and DAWSync so it can be used like a supercharged plug-in to bring the award-winning Audio Design Desk workflow to any DAW. Professionals no longer have to choose between their DAW of choice and Audio Design Desk—they get the best of both worlds.

For beat makers and producers, ADD introduces LoopDNA which analyzes your loops so you can start creating in real time using Audio Design Desk’s powerful replacement tools, Bring in beats, try stacking and replacing and add, audition and replace bass lines and guitar parts, keyboards and other instruments in real time to create your unique composition with a few button clicks.

These new features augment the already comprehensive application, combining the power of live sound and music creation with maximum efficiency.

MusicTech in their review said; "By the time experienced editors had completed 10 seconds of media synchronisation with the rival DAW, ADD had tackled 2 minutes’ worth. Do I really need this? If you work in sound design for visual media, the answer is a resounding yes.”

Audio Design Desk now has a public Slack workspace for users. Anyone can join here to share their work, ask questions, give suggestions, enter contests, and meet other artists. This will give users an even more immediate and personalized relationship with the Audio Design Desk team.

Audio Design Desk starts at $15 per month for the Produce package. A professional version is $30 per month or $399 for a perpetual license.