Noise Engineering expands growing Versio lineup with Ruina and Electus Versio

NoiseEngineering Electus Versio

Noise Engineering announces Electus Versio and Ruina Versio. Ruina Versio is a new stereo distortion encompassing a number of different distortion concepts, and Electus Versio is a clockable reverb/delay, inspired by the popular Desmodus Versio.

Ruina Versio is available as a dedicated module, or users can update any Versio module to the Ruina or Electus firmwares for free. Customers with any Versio module who wish to download alternate firmwares can make an account at the NE Customer Portal to download any existing Versio firmware to their modules for free.

NoiseEngineering Ruina Versio Silver Crop

Ruina Versio is a stereo distortion and effects module, and DSP platform. It includes the Noise Engineering infinifolder (featured on modules like the Basimilus Iteritas Alter), multiband drive and filtering, a phase control, full-wave rectification, a DOOM knob, and a Smoosh button that adds 128dB of gain to the input when pressed. Rearrange the internal signal chain and activate a notch filter with the flip of a switch. All knobs are CVable, and the distortion is stereo in and stereo out, meaning you can use it to process all your stereo modules in your system -- or, run a mono sound into it and use the effects to create stereo width.

Ruina Versio is also part of the Versio family. All Versio firmwares are cross-compatible: just log onto the Noise Engineering Customer Portal to swap any Versio product to any different firmware. There are currently five firmwares available, including delay, reverbs, distortion, and dynamics processing, with many more in the works.