RF Venue Spectrum Data Recorder

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RF Venue has introduced Spectrum Recorder, a compact and self-contained portable RF spectrum scanner that provides easy capture, storage and retrieval of RF spectrum data for simplified monitoring and optimization of wireless microphone and in-ear monitor systems. Spectrum Recorder continuously captures RF activity in the 400-700 MHz band, saving the data in its internal storage as time-stamped CSV files which can be retrieved directly via USB drive or accessed remotely over a local network.

Spectrum Recorder can be directly connected to a wireless microphone antenna system to capture an RF environment snapshot for analysis and logging. Using its supplied whip antenna, Spectrum Recorder can capture spectrum data for site survey use even before system install or load in. Battery ready (common mobile device power banks can power it), Spectrum Recorder is small and lightweight enough to easily ship to a remote location. Power Over Ethernet (PoE) capability allows Spectrum Recorder to be deployed with just an ethernet connection – a LAN-based network of Spectrum Recorders can easily cover multiple rooms, buildings, or studios.

Spectrum Recorder's data can be uploaded to RF Venue’s free web-based Wireless System Builder tool for system design and frequency coordination worldwide, or imported natively to third party software like Shure’s Wireless Workbench, Sennheiser’s Wireless System Manager and Audio-Technica’s Wireless Manager. No external devices are needed for spectrum capture, no software installation is needed, and no cloud subscriptions are required for Spectrum Recorder.

Analysis of the spectrum activity over 24 hours is accommodated by Spectrum Recorder’s 24 Hour Scan Data Capture mode. Max Hold and Average scan views are captured and calculated automatically. Fixed transmitters such as DTV stations can be separated from surprise interference sources with Spectrum Recorder’s Active Frequencies Scan which compiles hard to detect frequencies to help protect a wireless system from interference hits.

Spectrum Recorder, available now at a MAP $799 (USD), is a perfect companion for RF Venue’s RF Explorer Pro, a touchscreen handheld RF spectrum analyzer designed for wireless audio system optimization including frequency coordination and WiFi analysis.