Audio-Technica Q-SYS-Certified Plugin


Audio-Technica (booth C5619), an innovator in transducer technology for over 60 years, announces a new Q-SYS-certified plugin for its Engineered Sound Wireless (ES Wireless) system. Optimized for voice applications in meeting rooms, presentation halls, classrooms, and other installed audio-conferencing environments, ES Wireless utilizes DECT technology to provide high channel counts with high-quality audio in a simple, smart, and scalable manner. Partnering with Q-SYS simplifies network configuration and control, leading to an easier integration and setup experience for both installers and end users alike. With the Q-SYS control plugin, users can easily connect and control the ES Wireless system, including muting individual or all channels, loading presets, and monitoring RF and charging parameters from a Q-SYS network touchscreen controller.

The ES Wireless system is composed of the ESW-R4180DAN 8-channel Dante-enabled receiver and a choice of four transmitters to suit a wide variety of applications – the ESW-T4101 bodypack with a built-in microphone, ESW-T4102/C510 handheld, ESW-T4106 boundary microphone, and ESW-T4107 desk stand. As many as 12 receivers can be used simultaneously to achieve a channel count of up to 96 transmitters in a single space. Once an initial connection between transmitters and receivers is established using A-T’s Wireless Manager software, setup with the new plugin is easy and straightforward. The plugin includes dedicated tabs for Setup, Transmitters, Battery & Charger, and Receiver – allowing users to manage microphone identification, gain, mute control, LED color, battery levels, charging status, LED control, mute control, high pass filter and volume.

Matt Markgraf, Audio-Technica U.S. Strategic Partnerships and Alliance Manager, remarks, “Audio-Technica is continuously working with Q-SYS to bring plugin support to new products, like the Engineered Sound Wireless, enabling simple and intuitive setup and management of high-impact spaces. Once the initial connection is established in the between transmitters and receiver channels in the Audio-Technica Wireless Manager software, you can use the plugin to easily connect and control the microphone system in Q-SYS.”