TT Audio GTS 29

RCF (booth C9535 and demo room N101) is displaying its flagship TT+ AUDIO GTS 29, a cutting-edge high-output subwoofer housing dual 19-inch woofers designed for low-frequency reinforcement in large-format touring and installed sound applications, both indoors and outdoors. With a peak SPL of 144 dB, the GTS 29 delivers the deep, nuanced bass response needed to keep up with TT+ AUDIO’s largest line array systems.

The GTS 29 incorporates two newly developed 19-inch neodymium woofers, each with a 4-inch voice coil, 56mm peak-to-peak excursion capabilities and extremely fast acceleration to provide the speed performance of a 15" woofer with the power of a 21" woofer. The drivers are paired with laminar flow ports, which reduce turbulence and distortion compared to conventional reflex designs. The result is extremely impactful, accurate low-end. The GTS 29 is capable of reproducing subtle details even at high SPLs.

Sharing a similar overall approach with all GTX system components, the GTS 29 separates the power amplification from the loudspeaker enclosure, relocating it to newly designed touring racks. Each touring rack can accommodate up to three XPS 16K 4-channel DSP amplifiers and includes AC power, signal routing, and network connections. A single XPS 16K amplifier, providing four channels, is required for every four GTS 29 subwoofers and can manage complex subwoofer deployments such as cardioid or endfire configurations.

Built from plywood and coated in TT+ AUDIO’s robust polyurea finish, the GTS 29 enclosure provides two bayonet connector inputs each on the front and rear faces, facilitating deployment in cardioid subwoofer arrays. Integrated flyware allows assembling up to 16 GTS 29 enclosures on a single fly-bar. The GTS 29 is part of the new GTX Line Array System from TT+ AUDIO, which also includes the GTX 12 and GTX 10 line array modules, TTR 16 touring rack, RDNet management software and SHAPE D3D system design and modeling software.