PSI Audio AVAA C214

psiaudio avaa c214 white

PSI Audio is showcasing its outstanding AVAA technology at HIGH END 2024 in a listening room in hall 3, booth R09. The presentation features the new white AVAA C214 for the first time. PSI Audio introduced the AVAA C214 last year, expanding the AVAA family with a device that takes the principle established by the original AVAA C20 and adapts it to cater specifically to home audio users. Initially, the C214 was only available in black. At HIGH END, however, PSI Audio introduces the new white version that can visually integrate even better into accordingly designed listening spaces. The functionality remains unaltered.

The PSI Audio AVAA C214 tackles the biggest challenge in acoustic room treatment: low-frequency room modes. These resonant frequencies are different for every room and require individual treatment in traditional acoustics. The AVAA system eliminates the problem by eliminating the resonances. Replacing massive porous absorbers up to 45 times its size, the AVAA C214 automatically detects low-frequency waves between 15 and 150 Hz and acts like a hole in the wall, effectively removing those waves from the room. The result is a clearer, more transparent and authentic low end in the entire room, as AVAA only affects the room modes without changing anything about the direct sound from the source.

Visitors of HIGH END 2024 can find PSI Audio at booth R09 in hall 3 and experience the incredible efficiency of the AVAA C214 for themselves. The booth will feature its own, AVAA optimized listening room, with the company’s Héritage3 high-end speakers acting as the source. Outside the listening room there will be a special box to demonstrate the active bass trap. There will also be a get-together on Friday 10th at 6 pm, right after the show ends.