CODA Audio SB12 & SCX


CODA Audio has announced the expansion of its SPACE by CODA range with the addition of the SB12 (SPACE Bass) subwoofer. SPACE by CODA is the company’s revolutionary audio system which transforms spaces with discreet, premium quality sound through the use of innovative ultra-flat modules positioned within art and projection screens, complemented by subwoofers in the form of display pedestals.

Offering the same art and sound pedestal appearance as the range’s existing sensor-controlled SCX 18” sub, the SB12 (12”) widens choice for designers in the form of a more compact unit with a smaller footprint. Without sensor control, and optimised to work with the single channel LINUS 6.4 amplifier, the SB12 offers a powerful yet highly competitive option across a range of SPACE by CODA schemes in smaller venues such as studios, museums and galleries, hospitality spaces, and home entertainment settings. Conventional and immersive SPACE by CODA projects can be optimised and costed through the use of SPACE Designer, a software tool which incorporates all the products within the range, now including the SB12.

A further new addition to SPACE Designer is the SPACE by CODA Gallery which features the work of five talented artists whose original artwork can be directly incorporated into schemes and matched to SPACE panels via a drag and drop function. The Gallery will be expanded in the future to showcase more exclusive creations by a wider range of artists. Whilst this exciting selection of available art is sure to find its way into a large number of installations, customers preferring to use or commission their own artwork can do so by uploading it to SPACE Designer and using the same drag and drop function.